Why You Should Never DIY Your Data Recovery

If something goes wrong with your computer and you lose your data, you may be tempted to find a DIY solution. Don’t. The task is incredibly complex and if you do something wrong, you will lose your data. Instead, you should speak to professionals such as those at Data Recovery – DataStorageCorp.com to help you instead. Let’s take a look at why.

Hard Drives Are Delicate

A lot of people think that hard drives, as the name suggests, are hard. They’re not. If you open it up, like most people do, to check the components, it is very likely that you will cause some permanent damage. A tiny speck of dust can destroy the hard drive. Recovery specialists look at your hard drive in a sterile environment for this reason.

It’s Complicated

When people talk about something easy, they will say “it’s not rocket science”. Data recovery, however, IS rocket science! The process of recovering data, regardless of how it was lost, is incredibly complex and requires the right skills and knowledge, as well as the right tools. You can’t just run a disk repair and think you will have it back. In fact, what is likely to happen is that your old data will be overwritten, meaning it will be lost forever. All a disk repair really does is create a brand new drive and any old data will be pushed to the furthest reaches of the hard drive, if it isn’t removed at all. You will definitely need a specialist to get your data back at that point! Disk repair programs are red herrings. They make you think that you have found something that will repair a problem, which is true in part. But the way it repairs is by simply removing anything that is broken. It does not, however, restore anything.

Once it Goes Wrong, You’ve Lost It

The final reason why you shouldn’t attempt DIY data recovery is because, if you do make a mistake, your mistake will have permanent consequences. You could, effectively, permanently remove whatever data you wanted to get back, and it won’t be able to come back, not even with the skills of the highest trained data recovery specialist.

A professional company will go through a set of very specific steps that will enable them to identify what data was lost and why. After that, they will identify the best method of recovery. Before they do anything, however, they will duplicate every single bite of information on your machine so that, if something goes wrong, and it often does, they will have a copy of everything as well. All of this requires skills and knowledge, sterile rooms, and very specific tools and equipment.

Because we use computers so much and so often, they have become something as standard as anything else in our homes, and this also means that we end up trying to fix it ourselves. Unfortunately, computers may be part of our everyday life, they are also increasingly complex. If you value your data, don’t try to recover it yourself.

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