remote monitoring of PCs

The what, why and how of remote monitoring of PCs

remote monitoringOur PCs are our lifelines today. Everything from our medical records to our academic documents and more, are stored safely there. It is hard to fathom how a device which has been around for barely a few decades, has come to occupy such an important part of our personal and professional lives. Nonetheless, it is almost indispensible in our daily workings.

However, it is not always possible to lug around our PCs all the time, no matter how sleek and compact the current designs have turned them into. But the need to access information from the same does not always present itself depending on the availability of the machine. For e.g. you may be out on camping trip with your family and one of you needs immediate medical care, for which, previous medical records are absolutely crucial. But normally no one carries their PC on a camping trip; at the most you might have a smartphone on you. What do you do at such a time?

Well, during such times the only way out is accessing and monitoring your PC remotely.


Remote monitoring of PC is a self explanatory concept. It is the way you can access all the information and data on your pc from anywhere at any time. You do not need to be within physical proximity of the device.


As mentioned above, you never know what information stored in the device you might require when. Further, if your pc is being used by others like your family members or employees, you should ensure that the content being looked upon is not legally questionable. Not only is this required to shield the other users from such content, but since the machine is on your name, you’ll be the one caught in any legal hassle arising out of it. So you should be able to keep a tab on the machine’s security, use and integrity at all times. This will be possible only when you have the capability of monitoring your PC remotely.


There are a host of sites which provide you the required software for remote accessing your PC. However, do not immediately go for the free or cheapest one, read a few reviews and then pick the one that best suits your purpose. Also, make sure you have a functioning anti-virus in your PC when downloading this software. “” provides a pro and con weighted detail list of such software. According to them “GoToMyPc” is presently the best in the business. It is backed by a HIPPA level security, along with fast transfer speeds, and 22 years of experience.

GoToMyPc offers a 30 day period free trial program allowing “Unlimited access to one Mac or PC” with “Free product training and 24/7 support”. If you’re satisfied with your experience you can subscribe for the paid unlimited service, which is presently available at a discount rate $9.95 per month. The download set up and installation process is pretty simple, and if you have any difficulty in the process, their customer support can help you out at any time of the day.

*Caution- No matter which program you purchase, make sure it is an authentic one and does not compromise your information. Further, ensure your system is secure at all times and try to remain clear from “sellers” who call you on your phone voluntarily, as they’re often scammers.

Author’s Bio – Tom Clark  is a well known tech industry blogger. Be it monitoring your PC remotely to proper use of Internet – he writes on every feature of tech world.

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