Tricks And Apps That Will Help Your Old iPhone Run Better

The iPhone is a wonderful piece of technology that quickly becomes an indispensable part of its owner’s life. People who have older iPhones are often anxious to upgrade to the latest and greatest model, but that is not always necessary. The iPhone is a very stable kind of product that is capable of a much longer lifespan than the typical smartphone. If you want to prolong the life of your iPhone, you can use these apps and tricks to help it perform at its best.


1. Avoid Themes


One of the biggest reasons that people want to upgrade to a newer model of iPhone is to increase their memory. This is because a phone with more memory will run faster. Instead of looking to add memory, it is smarter and more economical to look for ways to maximize the performance of the memory that you have on your current phone.


One of the best ways to do this is no never install themes on your iPhone. As cool as they look, it is simply not worth the memory that the themes use up while they are running. In fact, you will often lose half the available memory of an older iPhone model if you are running anything other than the default theme.


2. Install Fresh Firmware


Again, the need for more memory is a key reason that people are looking to upgrade their iPhones. Before taking that step, you may want to consider other options to free up some memory. One way to do this is to install a fresh set of firmware. Don’t simply upgrade to the latest firmware. Instead, start from scratch by reinstalling the firmware on your iPhone. You can bring back all of your old data and apps with by syncing your phone with iTunes after reinstalling the firmware.


3. Jailbreak Your iPhone


If you want to have complete freedom with your iPhone, then you should jailbreak it. This will allow you to install unauthorized apps on your iPhone that will give you a lot of power to increase it. For example, after jailbreaking your iPhone, you can install the Speed Intensifier app that can give new life to the processing speed of older iPhone models.


4. Upgrade


If you find that your iPhone still can’t do everything you want it to, then don’t be afraid to get a newer model. When you do this, make sure to get top value for your old iPhone. Selling iPhone to a place like AppleShark will ensure that you make good money on the deal.

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