Setting up your Home Writing Business

You know you’re a great writer and you’re sure you can make a bundle of money writing for others, so you’ve decided to start your own business. While working from home has many advantages, there are certain things you’ll need to purchase as well as things you should do to make your business a success. Here’s what you’ll need to start a writing business:

Portfolio. Clients aren’t going to hire you just because you say you can write; you’ll need some proof. Make a portfolio that outlines your education and experience and include links to samples of your work.

Business name: file this with your county so you have an official business.

Accounting system. You don’t need anything elaborate but you will need to track invoices going out and monies received so you know if a client is late paying. This will also help you clearly see how your business grows from month to month so you know how to gauge your success.

Business checks. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to separate your business from your private life once you get in the habit of paying for it separately, so order checks from a company such as Deluxe for Business and keep expenses separate.

Filing systems. You’ll need both a physical file and one on your computer so you can keep your records straight. It helps to make a separate file for each client so you can track your money as it comes in.

Printer/scanner. You’ll need a printer when you get a new client, as they don’t always have 1099 and other forms that can be filled out online.

Office supplies. Lots of pens, computer paper, and index cards are great for starters and you’ll also want some folders and files on hand.

Now that you have the bare bones necessary to start your writing career, here are a few tips from a pro:

Make a schedule and stick to it.

Have a dedicated work area that’s off limits to others.

Don’t try to multitask when working.

Have a “Do not disturb” policy and stick to it.

Stick to it until you see results!

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