Kids Safe Through Tech

Six Things Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe Through Tech

As many great advancements that technology as brought mankind, unfortunately it has also brought its share of complications as well. While children should be involved in technology at an early age to learn how to advance with technology, this also puts them at risk if they do not know everything they are doing. It’s an unfortunate truth that many kids can inadvertently put themselves in harms way because of the things they do online and with technology. This list will take a look at six things every parent needs to know to keep kids safe through technology on their mobile phone device.


1. Talk With Your Children About Online Behavior


Chances are you wouldn’t give your child a set of keys to a Lamborghini and let them go racing on the highway without giving them a drivers test first. The Internet should be looked at the same way. Sometimes it seems so simply, yet many parents forget to simply talk to their children before they give them free access to the internet. If you talk to your children about what is okay and what is dangerous online, as well as set hours and usage amounts that your child can be online, you can save a lot of situations before anything becomes problematic.


2. Have Data Limits and Restrictions


Sure, there are some children out there whose parents let them have as much data, minutes and text messaging as they desire with their mobile plan. However, with no limits, kids aimlessly send messages and make phone calls, with no comprehension of the value and importance of it. By limiting how much your child can download, message or call, you can show them that they shouldn’t be wasting their valuable resources on doing things that aren’t safe or time worthy. Getting a device running Blackberry 10 from can afford you many wireless plans that will be perfect for your family and your child.


3. Phone Off Hours


In a day and age where we have become obsessed with having our phones on at all times, mandate “phone off hours” in your home. Not only is this good for children, but it’s also good for parents to take time away from their busy lives. This also allows for families to come together and talk about their days and enjoy their time together.


4. Technology Open Door Policy


Nowadays, it seems that children have computers, tablets and smartphones of their own. With this in mind, tell your child that if they are going to be using the computer or tablet, they must keep their bedroom door open. Some children may think it’s a bit invasive; but if they have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t be worried.


5. Keep An Eye On Browser and Purchase History


It is important to keep an eye on the things that your children are viewing online or downloading to their phone. They may not like you periodically checking in on them to view their browser history or see what apps they’ve downloaded, but in reality it will keep them more safe. To implement this without causing a fight at the dinner table, simply inform them that you will be monitoring things. It goes back to the same idea mentioned in the preceding paragraph; if they don’t have anything to hide, they wont mind you assuring that they are being safe.


6. Rely On Services To Watch What You Cant


It’s scary to admit that as much as parents think they know, kids are quite technologically savvy in their own right. As much as you monitor, watch and try and prohibit to keep them safe, kids are finding out ways to skirt around parents restrictions without them knowing. To counteract this, consider getting an online monitoring service for your child. This will assure that your child is not online in places he/she shouldn’t be, but also that they do not give out personal information that could be detrimental to their future.


The internet is a beautiful tool when used correctly. And although there have been many horror stories of children misusing technology and their mobile phones, many of these issues can be fixed by simply talking to your children. If you follow these tips, you will be able to keep your kids safe with technology.

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