Network Security Enhancement with Third Party Patches

Patch management software has been around for a while now, and it is one of the greatest security inventions for our network in terms of keeping data safe and ensuring the smooth running of your business’s network. Without patch management there would inevitably more security breaches right across the globe, and in addition to this, there would be a lot of frustrated business owners that had a poor productivity rate due to their slow running network computers.


The Advantages of Patch Tuesday

Every second Tuesday of every month Microsoft release new patch to target the vulnerabilities in your network so that you don’t have a majorly outdated security system. Although Patch Tuesday has a range of advantages, it also has a number of downfalls too.

One of the great things about Patch Tuesday is that it can make the update process a lot more straightforward; rather than having to manually install updates which can take a long time, patches downloaded and installed on one day means that only a one-time reboot for your network which can save a lot of time across the month.

In addition, your IT staff is saved the effort of spending time each day ensuring updates are properly installed which can increase company productivity. As well as this, Patch Tuesday doesn’t just track vulnerabilities on that day but also does the same rigorous scanning the next day as well to catch out any additional security threats.

Why are Third Party Patches Better than Patch Tuesday?

The main disadvantage to Patch Tuesday is that it only occurs once a month. You have to then wait around 30 days to get the next update, and in the meantime there could be major security vulnerabilities developed within your network.

By installing third party patch management software you can keep your network constantly and regularly updated. You don’t need to wait till a specific day in the month to renew and reboot your security measures instead you can keep your network constantly in tune with the new developments in security as and when they happen, rather than having to wait weeks to benefit from them.

Another thing about Patch Tuesday is that it is really only tailored to making security updates for Microsoft systems. Although this can be a good thing if you are a 100% Microsoft company, most people are not and this can mean there are severe loopholes in terms of security impact. If you use any software that isn’t created by Microsoft you may still find your network safety compromised when it comes to installing updates.

The third party patch software has the main advantage of making updates really simple. By automating the patch updates, you can save a lot of time and effort within your company as you won’t need to manually install updates. By keeping them automated, the software can scan your network for vulnerabilities, detect relevant patches to fix the problem and install them quickly whilst you can continue with your work thus maximizing productivity.

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