Modern Smartphone Apps To Help You Monitor Your Health

Technology-enthusiasts are always making considerable strides to redefine our perception of ‘modernization’ every passing minute, day, and year. It wasn’t that long ago when the entry of iPhones made Android devices seem inadequate, and it doesn’t stop there. Communication and interaction aren’t the only features we can access in our phones anymore.

You can learn about global events at the touch and scroll of a small screen, make travel plans at the comfort of your home, search for the best personal injury lawyer, find the perfect eat out near you, and handle your finances without taking a trip to your bank. One of the most significant properties that many Smartphones hold is the ability to retain as much information as you’d like it to keep.

Tech geeks aren’t satisfied at leaving all that data capacity for communication and gaming apps; there’s so much more you could do with your phone – like keeping track of your health. Centuries ago, no one would have thought it possible, but there are apps you can download to help you maintain your wellness.


Among the popular health-related websites around, WebMD is undoubtedly one of the best, and you can carry the app on your phone wherever you go. You get essential features like health provider listings near you, and first aid essentials for an emergency. You can even enter family details. Features like the symptom checker and information on drugs and treatments can save you a trip to the hospital.


Some local medical facilities don’t favor a few technological inventions, and this could be one of them. HealthTap helps you get answers from qualified doctors from the comfort of your home, work or wherever you are. Any symptoms, medicine, tips, and treatments you have questions about; you can talk to as many genuine doctors as you’d like. You can even store and share your health-related documents with any doctor of your choice for more feedback.


If you take medication often, this could be a useful app for you. iPharmacy gives you vital information on your pills – and helps you identify medication you aren’t so sure about. For refills or prescriptions, while you are on a tight budget, you can scroll and get the best price to go with without compromising on validity. You’ll also get FDA-related alerts to stay on the safe side.

Glucose Buddy

For diabetic patients, Glucose Buddy will help you keep track of all the numbers; glucose, carbohydrate intake, insulin dosage and activities like exercise that you have to keep an eye on to stay stable. You’ll even create a Glucose Buddy account to sync with the app – that way; you’ll always receive notifications when it’s time to add more data.

Instant Heart Rate

Do you need to check your pulse regularly? Using your Smartphone’s camera, the Instant Heart Rate app captures a read on your heart rate from the pulse in your fingertip. While it’s available for Android, Windows, and iOS phones, only the iPhone can produce a graphical view of your heart rate.

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