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Kerry Vincent
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  60 pts
Monday @ 10:03 am
Morning all. Went to my high school reunion this weekend. It was so fun to see all my old classmates. made me realize how old I actually am. I looked around and I was in a room with a lot of old, gray-haired folks. Whaaat?? How did that happen??? Hope you have a great week!
Sally, my gram always said age is a number. She met a lot of people along the way who were younger than she was, but older because they chose to be old. You choose young that is why we love you.
Monday @ 2:48 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Well put Kath. Glad you had fun Sally.
Monday @ 8:56 pm by cakesbycarla
  60 pts
Monday @ 8:58 pm
Summer finally made it's way to us. It is hot! We were actually sort of chilly here last week and now we are sweating to death and have the AC on. Oh well. I haven't had to spend much on AC yet so I'm okay with it. Hope you're all keeping cool!
So good to see you post little one. How's life going girl?? As to the weather ....we are supposed to hit the triple digits the rest of the week.
Monday @ 9:28 pm by Sally Hackney
Hi Carla, I know what you mean about the AC last month was the first time our electic at home was below $200. Mike's hot tub suck a lot of electricity. Today we will have super high humidity and heat until the rain comes in. Have a great day kiddo
Tuesday @ 10:58 am by kathredtiaraprincess
  35 pts
Tuesday @ 11:01 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, I had been racking my brain for a table covering for OSSA, I had one part but the rest was going to take time. I decided to just order a royal blue table cloth w/sashes. $25. w/shipping versus driving, shopping, measuring & sewing. I will have a few extra minutes to do something else. Happy Day.
Good move girl! Sounds perfect. Wish I was going to be there to see it! Take pictures for me!
Tuesday @ 2:10 pm by Sally Hackney
  35 pts
07/14/14 @ 5:53 pm
Busy here. Started the new job. I like it. I am trying to edit my manuscript on the side and juggle kids etc. Everyone starts school in less than a month. I think I'm looking forward to school starting this year. :0)
School in less than a month, yikes where did summer go? We have yet to hit 90 once, not that I am complaining.
07/14/14 @ 10:47 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
This summer has flown! Way too fast. I am looking forward to a regular routine schedule though!
07/14/14 @ 11:05 pm by cakesbycarla
Glad about the job Carla. It's nice to want to get up and go to work.
Monday @ 10:00 am by Sally Hackney
  35 pts
Tuesday @ 10:06 am
Morning all! Hope you are all well and having a good Tuesday so far. Not much on tap here today. I'm going out to look for some small..inexpensive gold decorative items for my bedroom. I am gradually getting little garage sale pieces and painting them and trying to make my place look like me. My bedroom is super tiny and I am doing it in ivory and gold. I want it to look very soft and feminine since I don't have a man to try and please. So far good.
Hi Sally, it sounds like a plan in the making. Go to the hardware store and looks for the metelic gold paint, when you find something you like paint it gold.
Tuesday @ 10:56 am by kathredtiaraprincess
  35 pts
Yesterday @ 8:22 am
Morning all. I have an interesting story. There is a man I went to school with in Sundown that we had all lost track of. Seems he went to Vietnam and became a helicopter pilot. When he got back to the states he went to California and got into the movie scene. He was piloting the helicopter that crashed on the set of the Twilight Zone movie that killed Vic Morrow and two kids. It wasn't his fault as the pyrotechnic group misfired and it hit the tail of the copter and it went down. He had to go thru a len
Hi Sally, please finish the story, somehow it was cut off.
Yesterday @ 7:16 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
  25 pts
07/16/14 @ 12:17 pm
Good Morning Cake Junkies, mid July and we had all the windows closed with temps of 50, not complaining it was good sleeping weather. Summer is almost a distant thought at this point
Hey Kath. We are to be in the triple digits this week...certainly not done with summer as yet!
Monday @ 10:01 am by Sally Hackney
  10 pts
Yesterday @ 9:55 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, Today is Wednesday, July 23rd, where has the year gone thus far, I want it back (at least 20 days). We are back to 70's today and it is a great day. Enjoy yours.