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Kerry Vincent
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11/05/11 @ 7:32 pm
It was with great sadness that I was informed this evening that our dear friend Papi (Gary Smith) passed away suddenly today at his home at the age of 56. Gary meant a lot to our Fantourage friends, always a steadying voice, encouraging all through thick and thin and in addition to that, he had a wicked sense of humor. Edna brought Papi into our group when there were difficulties with a cyber stalker; he was a huge asset in solving those dilemmas otherwise I would have been tempted to shut our page down, with
With his help it is thriving and this will be his legacy. Edna is devastated at this loss a beloved and dependable friend. I am so glad that he got meet his Fantourage friends in the flesh at the sugar art show this year – I know it really meant a lot to him. We will miss his sage advice, kindness, humanitarian perspective and quick wit. Rest in peace Gary.
11/05/11 @ 7:34 pm by kerry
Oh no that is horrible...I loved all Papis' prayers go out to his family..God bless u Papi and RIP...
11/05/11 @ 7:37 pm by lgreene33
oh my goodness I can't even grasp this right now
11/05/11 @ 7:44 pm by Rebecca Bosque
Oh no, I am so sorry....
11/05/11 @ 7:44 pm by ajbowyer
OMG!!! That is just terrible news!! Papi was such a fun and sweet man...always there with a joke or a kind word of encouragement for any of us.He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with his family God bless you will be remembered fondly..
11/05/11 @ 7:46 pm by multilayered
I'm just stunned at this news. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet and enjoy Papi in Tulsa. I'm so saddened.
11/05/11 @ 7:56 pm by paulartedibles
Prayers for his family during this sad time.
11/05/11 @ 7:24 pm by juliesegura
How sad, I know many on here considered him a dear friend, and I was glad to have him as a friend on hear even if we never met; so sorry for all his family and friends
11/05/11 @ 7:28 pm by julief
He will be so missed, can't say it will ever be the same without. A very sad day....
11/05/11 @ 7:50 pm by Lisa Herrera
This is very shocking and sad, my condolences for his in peace Papi- Gary
11/05/11 @ 8:06 pm by signaturesweetskim
I am absolutely devastated at this news! I just can't believe. I felt I have known Papi for most of my life; he was a very kind and intelligent man indeed. To take us under his wing in Tulsa like he did, I will be forever grateful! I just can't believe that we won't ever get to talk to him again. God bless you Papi, heaven has just gained another angel! You will NEVER be forgotten and will always be remembered here in Fantourage and Facebook, and you will always remain as one of the fab five! Goodnight my friend xxx
11/05/11 @ 8:08 pm by Justin Lynch
Yes itis going to take a lot of getting used to. Edna is inconsolable.
11/05/11 @ 8:25 pm by kerry
My heart goes out to Edna and Des. Thoughts and prayers to his family...both here and in life.
11/05/11 @ 8:31 pm by Mama D
I have been crying so hard all evening... Edna is in worse shape... have not talked with Des because I can't find her number... Justin you are right, we will ALWAYS be the Fab-5 for papi will always be in our hearts and with us in spirit. I will never be able to look at a penguin again without crying... but also a with a smile in my heart for the wonderful friend Gary was to me. I have a headache from crying so i will sign off for now. Papi you will always be with us here. I will miss your crazy razor sharp wit and kind compassionate heart.
11/05/11 @ 8:33 pm by bonnie
So sorry, Bon...hugs and prayers for you.
11/05/11 @ 8:35 pm by Mama D
Has anyone heard from Neil? Does he know yet?
11/05/11 @ 8:35 pm by Mama D
He was my best friend in the world..and my partner in crime...good helped me with computer issues, he was the person who told me I should open my website. He corrected my spelling. I know Papi for 5 years and he was my very best friend.. I lost someone important in my life..
11/05/11 @ 8:38 pm by Edna De la Cruz
So sad to here this news. My condolences for his family. Papi- will be missed.
11/05/11 @ 8:01 pm by Kimberly Cakelady
Wow!...sooo sorry to hear that! sympathies!!
11/05/11 @ 8:07 pm by Charmaine Jones
Yes you did but he was proud of you.
11/05/11 @ 8:39 pm by kerry
He'll still be with'll feel him there when you need him, Edna. I know it's hard to believe right now, but he will. He's watching over you now.
11/05/11 @ 8:42 pm by Mama D
MamaD... I tried to call Neil... but his grandmother said to call back later. I will try again in a little while.
11/05/11 @ 8:43 pm by bonnie
So sorry heart is breaking for you...I didn't know Papi but he was such a wonderful friend on here and made us all feel like so welcomed just like you do !!! There are no words to help when u loose someone u love...just tears...
11/05/11 @ 8:43 pm by lgreene33
Edna... darling... you knew him longer than anyone. Losing such a good friend is so hard. We are here for you honey... we love you...
11/05/11 @ 8:44 pm by bonnie
Just got the news and I'm shocked! I am so lucky that I got to meet homin Oklahoma! He was always checking in on me making sure I got back and forth to the show. So sweet and kind. My thoughts and prayers are with his family as well. We had some wonderful conversations in our short time together and I will remember him fondly! God rest!
11/05/11 @ 8:48 pm by cakeswithcharacter
Kerry or Edna if you hear of anything that his family needs or if there is a way to make a donation in his name please let us all know.
11/05/11 @ 8:48 pm by cakeswithcharacter
I didnt know papi well..but my heart is breaking for you guys..edna kerry des bonnie jus.. I am sooo sorry..
11/05/11 @ 8:51 pm by signaturesweetskim
We will get an address for his parents for cards. I think they would be surprised to know how many cake friends he had. Nothing worse than parents burying a child, no matter how old they are. Wrong order.
11/05/11 @ 8:52 pm by kerry
Papi would be telling us to bring virtual casseroles here and raise a glass of vino to the good times. He was so funny and would always find a way to cheer us up.
11/05/11 @ 9:12 pm by bonnie
I just got off the phone with Neil and he was shocked to hear the news, just as we all were. He sends his love and prayers.
11/05/11 @ 9:14 pm by bonnie
You are right Kerry... it is not the correct order of things. I don't think I could stand it if something happened to my son.
11/05/11 @ 9:16 pm by bonnie
Thank you Kim... you are so sweet...
11/05/11 @ 9:17 pm by bonnie
I don't have an address for his parents.. He was very private..
11/05/11 @ 9:20 pm by Edna De la Cruz
I will get it.
11/05/11 @ 9:23 pm by kerry
He'll be missed for sure. He was a great help to me when I first started here and always made me laugh. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends tonight!
11/05/11 @ 9:24 pm by kaat
Papi, loved to post support on Angel Flight FB page, his were the most recent posts.
11/05/11 @ 9:26 pm by kerry
.. oh... wow.. so much to take in.. I am devastated..... He brought MUCH humor and wit.... MUCH encouragement.... support.. joy, love, sunshine..wisdom .. I will miss him so dearly and really regret that I never got to give him a big sugar hug face to face..
11/05/11 @ 8:57 pm by Barbarann Garrard
So sorry to know, Bonnie Merchant just called in tears to let me know personally about it, We always remember Papi, The Cheerful Penguin!
11/05/11 @ 9:16 pm by neil-leal
Life is a fragile thing. We must never take it for granted. I'm still not quite registering this as reality. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. RIP Papi!
11/05/11 @ 9:47 pm by cakesbycarla
Oh My gosh I am so sorry and sad to hear about this! Papi was sooooo wonderful! I also feel like I had known him for years! I am so sorry for your loss Edna. This is a many who will be dearly missed by so many. :'(
11/05/11 @ 11:50 pm by Liz Marek
Hugs to everyone...
11/05/11 @ 11:54 pm by partyart101
This is horrible, horrible news!!! I have been working and just read this!!! This is terrible!!!!!!! I am in complete shock and can't even grasp this right now! Heartbroken is an understatement. Kerry, please let us know when you find an address for his parents.
11/06/11 @ 12:28 am by hautestuff
As I take the words from my screen to my heart, a gentle tear rolls down my face for the loss of a man I never got to meet face to face but he touched my life none the less. A great loss is felt here among us. It will take a while to really register. I will never get used to this concept of death; here then gone. May all of you hold one another a little closer today and whisper Gary's name. God speed Papi xoxo
11/06/11 @ 12:30 am by TraciiVCL
I believe Papi would be honored to think that you all hold him in such high esteem -- I am going to copy this thread when everyone has posted and have it printed out for his parents to read.
11/06/11 @ 1:20 am by kerry
He was a very committed friend to all of us whether we met personally or just on the Internet.
11/06/11 @ 1:21 am by kerry
Dear Papi....this news is so very devastating. His last comment here he mentioned he wasn't feeling well. God bless him. He was so funny and smart. His comments always made me smile. Seemed like a loving, gentle soul. It will be hard to come here each day and not find the funny little penquin. What a terrible loss. God please take care of Bacardi. I know he is a small lost sould today.
11/06/11 @ 7:54 am by Sally Hackney
Edna told me Gary's parents were going over to his home, I am sure they will take care of poor Bacardi.
11/06/11 @ 10:16 am by kerry
I know they will care for Bacardi....the sad thing is ....animals usually don't do well after they lose their human parents. Bless his little heart. I will pray for Papis parents too....they must be so devastated.
11/06/11 @ 10:39 am by Sally Hackney
He loved Bacardi so much... loved telling about silly kitty things he did that made Papi laugh. I hope someone takes him in and loves him like he is used to being loved. But Sally, you are right, animals tend to mourn just like humans. I wish I were closer so I could just drive over there and get him and bring him back to live with my spoiled cats.
11/06/11 @ 11:27 am by bonnie
Papi is gone??? even thought I never met Papi, he seem to me like familia. Reading this post just right now, was like what?? took a few moments to take the news. Papi you are terrible missed already, my thoughts & prayers to you papi your family & Bacardi. With everyone's postings...sharing their special moments with Papi & how he touched everyone life with his charm witty personality, we will comfort each other & specially Edna who has lost a best friend. Lo siento mucho Edna, que Dios te cuide.
11/06/11 @ 11:54 am by angelicstyle
Sorry to hear the sad news - prayers to his family and friends and hugs to all on this forum
11/06/11 @ 2:37 pm by Christine Flinn
I will convey the messages.
11/06/11 @ 2:42 pm by kerry
Kerry, Edna and all of our Fantourage family, I am so sorry for our loss. I always looked forward to his postings and wisdom. We are going to truly miss him. My thoughts and prayers are to his family and all of our Fantourage Family.
11/06/11 @ 4:05 pm by redtiaraprincess
I'm so shocked and saddened by the new of Papi's passing. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. <\3 :(
11/05/11 @ 9:34 pm by Irma Dinkha
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. He was so kind and encouraging. He will be dearly missed.
11/05/11 @ 9:48 pm by penniek
That's so very sad. His family will remain in our prayers.
11/05/11 @ 11:12 pm by Cecelia Gardon
Our condolences from South Africa Kerry
11/06/11 @ 1:47 am by Zolita Harper Ne Pace
I am sooo sorry for your loss...
11/06/11 @ 3:09 am by Kathleen Hernandez
OMG! I can't believe the news, it's so surreal :( Papi was amazingly nice and an invaluable voice on Fantourage....I am so sorry and sad to see this news :((
11/07/11 @ 10:12 am by flameorigin
Oh no. I just heard. There are no words. He is a light that will be missed.
11/07/11 @ 5:06 pm by breannassugardreams
That would be very nice, Kerry. Please let me know when you get it. My late son's friends still come to visit me. It's been 2 years sine we lost him, and it does so help me to get to see them and hear their stories of him. I think his parents would love to hear from us, too.
11/05/11 @ 9:02 pm by Mama D
hi !
11/14/11 @ 2:24 pm by Lois Stephens
how terrible. I never "knew" this man but i know that just hearing about death of people that were liked so much saddens me
06/18/12 @ 8:16 am by Tiona Spade Spade
He will not be forgotten here Tiona!
06/18/12 @ 10:58 pm by kerry
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10/07/12 @ 11:01 pm
Hi All! Well...I think I'm rested up now. Boy that trip was a doozy!!! I am going to post pics of my cakes even though I think most of you have already seen them. Loved seeing all of yours ....they were remarkable!!!
Very nicely executed Sally
10/07/12 @ 11:09 pm by kerry
Loved the doggie! So sorry someone broke his tongue off. He was too cute!
10/07/12 @ 11:20 pm by laneylou
She's a cutie Sally!
10/08/12 @ 2:09 am by Justin Lynch
Loved her expression! Great job!!
10/08/12 @ 8:02 am by cakeswithcharacter
Morning Sally, glad to see Dasiy posted. I didn't know someone had broke her tounge, that must have been heartbreaking.
10/08/12 @ 8:34 am by redtiaraprincess
You did such a great job on her!!!
10/08/12 @ 11:07 am by cakesbycarla
i loved this! and the expression on her face was perfect! why can't people keep their fingers and wheelchairs to themselves!
10/08/12 @ 11:57 am by Dianne Holgate
I thought you did a great job on her, she was so sweet.
10/08/12 @ 7:09 pm by Sandys Sweets
Lovely tribute to your baby!
10/08/12 @ 9:31 pm by kerry
If I could get my hands on the wheelchair driver there would be mayhem and you would all be clubbing together top bail me out of the slammer!
10/08/12 @ 9:33 pm by kerry
I would have been right there with you Kerry. When I saw what happened to my pieces I almost wanted to cry but I thought to myself it is just sugar. But when I found out the person was drunk all I can say is it was a good thing I wasn't there . I need to email you on the entry for next year I had a hard time hearing you with the noise.
10/08/12 @ 9:39 pm by Sandys Sweets
I will be repeating the entire La Bal Masque for an over all 1 2 & 3, then the 8 will have their own mini competition with 1 2 & 3 ribbons under the umbrella, I hope everyone will enter again
10/08/12 @ 9:45 pm by kerry
I know I had so much fun making them .
10/08/12 @ 9:49 pm by Sandys Sweets
Thanks everyone. broke my heart to see her tongue broken off. She was a special cake indeed.....very emotional for me. I know Kerry....That was insane with the drunk woman in the scooter. It was so shocking to walk up and see the carnage she had caused. Sandy you will make even more beautiful masks next year.
10/09/12 @ 8:38 am by Sally Hackney
Well...for some reason my post didn't show so I'll try again. Thank you all for your kind comments. This was a very emotional cake for me since I had just lost sweet Daisy. Kerry...I know...right??? That woman in the scooter should have been arrested. (after you conked her a few times!!!!) lol . Sandy...I know you will do even more beautiful masks next year.
10/09/12 @ 8:52 am by Sally Hackney
Awe that makes me love Daisy even more :( how sweet!!
10/09/12 @ 10:09 am by laneylou
Sally, I'm sorry about Daisy's tongue. As I turned around I saw the boys that did this, but they saw me and took off running by the wedding cakes before I could get to them. I feel terrible I couldn't grab them. I'm so sorry. Alot of people stopped and talked about Daisy, they just loved her.
10/09/12 @ 4:47 pm by Janell Deal
Thanks for telling me Janell. I figured it had to be kids. It makes me mad parents don't care and just turn their little brats loose in a place like that. Oh well....what can you do? Yes....lot's of people loved her. My little Daisy was looking down and smiling!!!
10/09/12 @ 5:07 pm by Sally Hackney
Sally, there were a number of kids on their own in there, I couldn't understand it either. They weren't little but they weren't old enough to be left alone either!
10/09/12 @ 5:11 pm by Janell Deal
Cake artists rise out of the molten lava cake LOL forget the phoenix!
10/09/12 @ 9:31 pm by kerry
Just heard about the kids, there will be new signs and people alerted. You never to send them off, I don't have eyes in the back of my head, so please protect your work and tell them to move on -- in no uncertain terms.
10/09/12 @ 9:33 pm by kerry
not never, need!
10/09/12 @ 9:33 pm by kerry
Yes Kerry...have no doubt I would have sent them packing if I had been around....unforturnately I wasn't there at the time. Sounds like Janell tried.
10/10/12 @ 8:37 am by Sally Hackney
Anyone seeing anyone messing with the tables or the work needs to be sent off -- and every artist needs to get involved in protection mode! There are 82,000 people who go through there sometimes it is very hard to see what is going on it is so crowded.
10/10/12 @ 6:24 pm by kerry
Janell, nail them in future and if they won't go then call me and they will be sorry if I turn up!
10/10/12 @ 6:25 pm by kerry
Now I have a new division -- The cake police!!! LOL. Not joking though.
10/10/12 @ 6:27 pm by kerry
Yes Ms. Vincent, I will gladly crack the whip should anyone get remotely close again! Sign me up, I'd gladly stand another watch.
10/10/12 @ 7:26 pm by Janell Deal
Lovely Janell -- when it gets closer check in with Leanne again!
10/10/12 @ 7:52 pm by kerry
Ill gladly help watch too!
10/10/12 @ 8:55 pm by laneylou
Good Laney, I need a bunch of on the ball super-sleuths
10/10/12 @ 9:04 pm by kerry
Im on it boss!
10/10/12 @ 9:07 pm by laneylou
Good stuff!
10/10/12 @ 9:20 pm by kerry
I can see theT-Shirts with 'CAKE POLICE' on them LOL. I love this cake. so expressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/10/12 @ 10:23 pm by TraciiVCL
Tracii if I had the budget my love I would get some made!
10/10/12 @ 10:34 pm by kerry
Sally's heart was in this one. it was a tribute not just a cake.
10/10/12 @ 10:34 pm by kerry
I do have a mold that i could make 6" fondant guns and sheriffs badges ;o) just saying...
10/10/12 @ 10:37 pm by laneylou
And a shotgun for you know who????
10/10/12 @ 10:41 pm by kerry
10/10/12 @ 10:58 pm by laneylou
Oh you guys sound great I have access to those traffic directing orange and yellow vest that I might beable to get ahold of, if so I could put cake police on them . What do you thinks. After last year we need them.
10/11/12 @ 12:26 am by Sandys Sweets
Go for it Sandy!!!
10/11/12 @ 12:29 am by kerry
Sugar Art Security!! Now we're talkin...
10/11/12 @ 8:10 am by laneylou
If you all are serious about tshirts, I have a family member who owns a tshirt making business, I'm sure I could get a great deal. We have plenty of time to work out a design and get numbers together. Just let me know. I will see my sister in law this weekend, so I'll get what details I can. I know they are quality shirts and a small family business.
10/11/12 @ 8:41 am by Janell Deal
Boy oh boy every time I visit I see serious progress!
10/11/12 @ 9:04 pm by kerry
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06/13/12 @ 10:48 am
Afternoon all! I am teaching my first sugarcraft class toiday AHHHHH! LOL. I am nervous, but excited at the same time! I am teaching my Pug I made of all things, but we are only making a small version, about the size of two hands! I hope all goes well? I shall post some pictures a bit later on! Have fun!!
It's with the students in the class I go to, so it's not paid or anything, just a practice run for the future!
06/13/12 @ 10:49 am by Justin Lynch
Justin you will do fine :)
06/13/12 @ 12:59 pm by Brian Shockley
That's great! I would have massive butterfly's, lol.
06/13/12 @ 1:05 pm by Debbie Blucher
You will be great Justin!! Having nerves about it just shows you care!!!
06/13/12 @ 1:23 pm by Sally Hackney
Can't wait to see pics!!!
06/13/12 @ 1:51 pm by cakedesire
Have fun Justin!
06/13/12 @ 1:51 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Hope it went well!!!
06/13/12 @ 2:13 pm by TraciiVCL
You love what you do and you will have no problems i am sure :)
06/13/12 @ 2:18 pm by Sandys Sweets
Good Luck, I'm sure you will be great!!! Can't wait to see the pics!
06/13/12 @ 3:28 pm by ivyj2
First lesson of the class over! I must I did not advertise this class, it is my class mates and they asked me teach them the pug. I was nervous prior to taking on this challenge as I knew how much work was involved and how much time it took me to make mine. I have only 6 hours to complete the whole thing! All I'm going to say is that they are having fun! It is very difficult to make and there are some interesting looking pugs
06/13/12 @ 3:53 pm by Justin Lynch
But as long as they are having fun, then I'm happy! Personally, I would not advertise classes that I'm teaching or going to teach as I still feel I have lots to learn, but between a group of friends is different! There are way too many people here, and I'm sure there who advertises such classes and they may feel ok about this whatever their level!
06/13/12 @ 3:55 pm by Justin Lynch
It has certainly been a learning curve for me today, even though I teach other things on a daily basis. Sugarcraft is an art that must be mastered by the teacher before professing to be a master! Where am I leading with this point? I don't know, but I certainly won't be taking this pug class out and about!! LOL. It's HARD!
06/13/12 @ 3:57 pm by Justin Lynch
I'm sure you did great! You're brave to do it - I don't feel ready to teach yet.
06/13/12 @ 4:02 pm by cakesbycarla
It was fun Carla, but I think they are realising how hard it is. But, as with all things, they can take away what they have learnt and practice to improve the skills!
06/13/12 @ 4:14 pm by Justin Lynch
LOL "interesting pugs" ;) .... friends are the best to try things out on!
06/13/12 @ 4:15 pm by cakedesire
Justin, I am positive the students loved the first class. A pug for the first Sugarcraft class is a great undertaking, you will do great.
06/13/12 @ 4:19 pm by redtiaraprincess
Oh my yes....that pug could not be done by just anyone. I bet they were all in awe of you!!!
06/13/12 @ 4:41 pm by Sally Hackney
Even my pug looks like a seal! Lmao. I was back n forth helping others and it's so hot in the kitchen the fondant dries way too fast and cracks, but they took the poss out of each other's pug which was funny!
06/13/12 @ 4:47 pm by Justin Lynch
Sounds great and I'm sure your students enjoyed it as well!!
06/13/12 @ 7:36 pm by cakeswithcharacter
Sounds like you had a blast and your students/friends had fun as well. Way to go Justin!
06/13/12 @ 8:48 pm by bonnie
Good learning experience!
06/13/12 @ 9:28 pm by Edna De la Cruz
GO Justin, you will be a fabulous teacher! I know it will turn out well.
06/13/12 @ 11:09 pm by kerry
I would love to teach sugarcraft one day, but. It just yet! I am more than happy to help my fellow classmates with their work if they ask me to help them!
06/14/12 @ 1:57 am by Justin Lynch
Not just yet!
06/14/12 @ 1:58 am by Justin Lynch
Justin I know you are a good teacher
06/14/12 @ 9:50 pm by kerry
This is why they love you so!! <3
06/14/12 @ 9:50 pm by TraciiVCL
Also, the fact that you are exposing yourself to new techniques and work abroad will broaden your skills and excite your curiosity.
06/14/12 @ 11:46 pm by kerry
True Tracii! Are you near Port Hope Tracii?
06/14/12 @ 11:49 pm by kerry
I am near Ottawa. Port Hope is 3 hours away. Who is in Port Hope Kathi?
06/15/12 @ 1:27 am by TraciiVCL
Oh, OK. Claire Carrie lives in Port Hope and comes to the sugar art show each year.
06/15/12 @ 1:33 am by kerry put yourself out there for one thing...awesome. But, come on now....plzzzzzz posts some pics, would be great to view.... :-P
06/15/12 @ 1:34 am by Debbie Blucher
I know Claire. She has been at every class I have attended. Talented girl! Either way it will get there.
06/15/12 @ 9:19 am by TraciiVCL
You need to come down with Claire one year. We love her.
06/15/12 @ 9:36 am by kerry
Oh, and she does a great cake.
06/15/12 @ 11:33 pm by kerry
Yes indeed!
06/16/12 @ 4:17 pm by TraciiVCL
  671 pts
06/16/12 @ 1:56 pm
I am cross! After a trip to the grocery store I picked up my usual soap powder and I thought the box looked smaller but dismissed the thought, the price was the same. Got home and found it IS (narrower but still the same width (deceptive) smaller and weighs 2 lbs less and is the same price. Do manuafacturers think we are stupid? The same is happening with just about everything. It can play havoc with recipes too if you aren't watching closely: Breakfast cereal another offender, canned goods and the list goes O
I posted this on Face Book, wonder what Fantouragers think?
06/16/12 @ 1:57 pm by kerry
Oh don't even get me started girl. It just boggles my mind that they think they are putting one over on us. I'm by that like I am everything else. Just tell me what you're going to do or what you think and don't act like I'm stupid and won't know the difference, UGH!!!!
06/16/12 @ 2:04 pm by Sally Hackney
That practice is happening more and more in the UK
06/16/12 @ 2:29 pm by Christine Flinn
I agreeThe product shrinks and the price rises...this is getting ridiculous!
06/16/12 @ 2:54 pm by Justin Lynch
That happens with potato chips and doritos,you spend money n a big bag of chips and you open the bag and it is half iflled with chips and the rest is air,go figure, it is Very annoying,you should get what you payed for.
06/16/12 @ 3:05 pm by rje53
I think is now advisable to take a calculator with you when you do a food shop - so you can work out if that special price is exactly that example two 8 oz packets for £5.00, but if you bought four 4 oz packets it would only cost £4.00 so the special deal actually ends up costing you more.
06/16/12 @ 3:09 pm by Christine Flinn
I'm a unit price checker more than anything....the one that really gets my goat in how they are trying to push those 'cases' of pop that should be 24 cans, and now are only 20 with the same prices as the 24! Grrrrrrrrrr
06/16/12 @ 4:06 pm by Debbie Blucher
This is why we shop the outskirts of the grocery store and as far as food goes, I make just about EVERYTHING from scratch (especially after I found out I was gluten intolerant). It saves money and you don get near the amount of additives and filler junk they are putting in all the foods these days. We feed a family of 6 on less that 150.00 per week and we don't live on Mac and cheese eiether! Baking soda is still pretty cheap and you can use this with either Borox or washing soda crystals, adding a few drops of essential oils and bam, you've got ourself a toxin free low cost laundry detergent!
06/16/12 @ 4:11 pm by Jennifer Campbell
You must be an excellent shopper, Jennifer! Way to go.
06/16/12 @ 4:24 pm by Debbie Blucher
jennifer i am with ypu regarding how to stretch a dollar
06/16/12 @ 4:27 pm by sarasmiles
I rarely eat processed foods, so I am really shocked when I buy something I have not bought in a while and it's like miniature. I think groceries like that have gone up 50 % in price the last year :(
06/16/12 @ 4:31 pm by TraciiVCL
Jennifer I do the same - most things baked from scratch (because its cheaper plus it avoids most/all of the additives
06/16/12 @ 4:36 pm by Christine Flinn
I think in the news lately they have been saying there is a link to cancer & the amount of sugar being used in processed foods. Wonder if there is any truth to this?????
06/16/12 @ 5:08 pm by TraciiVCL
Yes it seams we are paying for more are than anything.
06/16/12 @ 8:27 pm by Sandys Sweets
yep, paying more for less here too, more often than not!
06/16/12 @ 8:50 pm by ivyj2
Have you checked other stores? maybe just that store carries a smaller size now
06/16/12 @ 8:51 pm by Tiona Spade Spade
the price of heavy whipping cream is killing me! i think it would be cheaper to buy a cow! oh and chickens...or...stock in grocery store chains!!!
06/16/12 @ 8:53 pm by Dianne Holgate
Jennifer I think we need a Jennifer shopping tutorial!!!
06/16/12 @ 11:26 pm by kerry
Well, I was at Wally World Tiona, suspect the soap powder is boxed the same for everyone.
06/16/12 @ 11:28 pm by kerry
Went from 144 loads to 120.
06/16/12 @ 11:28 pm by kerry
I have to believe it Tracii!
06/16/12 @ 11:29 pm by kerry
Sara, we need your dollar stretcher tips too!
06/16/12 @ 11:30 pm by kerry
You are right Christine, they manipulate!
06/16/12 @ 11:35 pm by kerry
Sandy, I think they think we are too stupid to notice!
06/16/12 @ 11:36 pm by kerry
Unfortunately it is a sign of the times!!
06/17/12 @ 10:05 am by cakeswithcharacter
oh yeah. if you are at good ol' wally world then you are right.
06/17/12 @ 10:09 am by Tiona Spade Spade
Yes less for more!
06/17/12 @ 11:23 am by Sandys Sweets
Haha, maybe I'll do a video of shopping :). In truth, I was very ignorant about how to shop and learned everything I apply now from Dani Johnson. She was actually on The Secret Millionaire (the first episode) and she has 5 CHILDREN and they spend less than 125.00 per week!!! She said that through losing everything twice and having to rebuild, she learned the 3rd time that building true wealth starts with the "little things" like your shopping habits at the grocery store. Just by cutting back with that, we have been able to pay off over 1400 of debt over the last few months! The other thing is though, due to all the irradiation , processing, etc. most foods have no nutritional value anymore unless ou buy ALL organic. However, you know unless you grow it yourself you'll spend a fortune in all organic . So, to make up for these deficiencies (which is one reason I believe people are getting sicker earlier with preventable diseases) we supplement our entire family with high quality "nutritional supplements" (not just multi-vitamins from the store because they can actually hurt you), but whole food nutritional supplement s that give your body actual NUTRIENTS! Sad thing is, out nation is getting too many synthetic "vitamins," but not enough whole food "nutrition" if that makes sense?! They add synthetic vitamins to "everything," but the body doesn't necessarily know what to do with it if it's not from a whole food source! Ok, long winded one! Now I need to make the amazing hubby breakfast and deliver 2 cakes :-D
06/17/12 @ 11:23 am by Jennifer Campbell
I just found some "Pink Zote Soap" for 90 cents at Big Lots. It's that old fashioned "tallow soap" they used back in the good ole' days. The lady at the counter said her mom has used it for years and gets 5 Gallons of laundry detergent out of that one bar! Ladies and Gents go get your "Zote" today :-D
06/17/12 @ 7:24 pm by Jennifer Campbell
@Debbie Yes, I also "always" check the unit price. I actually found I was paying more for frozen chicken breasts than I was for fresh ones! Also, Cosco has killer deals on eggs, vanilla extract, butter, heavy whipping cream, ghiradellli chocolate (HUGE bag for 10 bucks), unbleached or regular flour, sugar/powdered sugar for your cakes. The eggs are like 12 bucks for 180 eggs and 4 lbs. of butter for 6-7 bucks!
06/17/12 @ 7:31 pm by Jennifer Campbell
I WISH I had a Costco near me! ONly Sam's sadly!
06/18/12 @ 10:59 pm by kerry
Jennifer, you are a busy little bee, whenever I need help I will keep you on my list for "the go to girl!"
06/18/12 @ 11:01 pm by kerry
Dani is dead right, as my grandmother used to say take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves, you can substitute dollars and cents.
06/18/12 @ 11:03 pm by kerry
I will swing by Big Lots tomorrow and ZOTE!
06/18/12 @ 11:04 pm by kerry
Not kidding Tracii!
06/18/12 @ 11:10 pm by kerry
rje53 Couldn't have said it better myself! They ARE annoying.
06/18/12 @ 11:14 pm by kerry
Seems like it is a global disease Justin!
06/18/12 @ 11:20 pm by kerry
Hopefully the way you and I cook Christine will give us a couple more years on the planet!
06/18/12 @ 11:21 pm by kerry
Thats the plan Kerry - my grandmother got to 97 and had not seen a doctor in 50 years.
06/19/12 @ 3:51 am by Christine Flinn
@Jennifer. I hear you loud and clear, lol. Though truth be told, in our area I luv Costco, but have also found that at times they are sooo not cheaper in some areas. Take 5 doz eggs, for example, I must constantly check between Safeway, Albertson's, etc., and compare, 'cause I've found that at certain times they have them less expensively...ouch to us who watch those flyers in the mail :-)
06/19/12 @ 4:18 am by Debbie Blucher
Oh yes btw...I made a heavy cream substitute for the recipe cupcake dessert I made for my dad yesterday out of 2% milk---it actually worked great for my cream filling and chocolate topping!
06/19/12 @ 4:20 am by Debbie Blucher
Haha, thanks Kerry! I hope they bring Cosco to Tulsa! It's grown so much since I was a kid! Growing up, BA was mainly farm land and now there's new development every time I come home to visit Mom and Dad. I miss my Oklahoma :-(
06/19/12 @ 11:41 am by Jennifer Campbell
Git dat Zote, lol! I was reading the back and you can even use it for "catfish bait" haha!
06/19/12 @ 11:44 am by Jennifer Campbell
Oh wow!, Not that I go cat fishing often!!! LOL
06/19/12 @ 11:57 am by kerry
You are right Christine. I would like to live long, but healthy and do trip to do everything to effect that with diet and exercise!
06/19/12 @ 11:58 am by kerry
oops, I mean try to (not trip)
06/19/12 @ 11:58 am by kerry
Okay....what is 'zote' and how do you turn it into soap to use????
06/19/12 @ 10:23 pm by Debbie Blucher
@ Debbie. It's that old fashioned tallow soaps from before I was born :). There are instructions and You'd an grate it, use other things with it, use it as "catfish bait," lol! It's 90 cents at big lots and smells great !
06/20/12 @ 5:04 am by Jennifer Campbell
Glad you asked the question Ms Debs!
06/20/12 @ 4:05 pm by kerry
Jennifer why do catfish like to eat this soap?
06/21/12 @ 10:46 pm by kerry
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09/10/11 @ 2:18 pm
Fantourage asked for a video from the celebrity..well here is one..
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 Watched 47 times   Expand
LOL! Loved it!
09/10/11 @ 2:51 pm by penniek
hahahahahahah!!!! too cute
09/10/11 @ 3:25 pm by Sally Hackney
I LOVED THAT Edna surprized me we were hysterical together!
09/10/11 @ 5:01 pm by kerry
My all time favorite!
09/10/11 @ 5:02 pm by kerry
fantourage ask me a mission to put my favorite video of Kerry,..well...that's my favorite!
09/10/11 @ 5:16 pm by Edna De la Cruz
09/10/11 @ 5:26 pm by kerry
xoxo ;)
09/10/11 @ 5:29 pm by Edna De la Cruz
This is great! You'll be making a new one before long, Christmas is just around the corner!
09/11/11 @ 6:57 am by Justin Lynch
Don't remind me Justin!
09/11/11 @ 9:14 am by kerry
Nice! We've seen Edna dance before, but not Kerry! That was great!
09/11/11 @ 9:40 am by cakesbycarla
I honestly say this this every year, but they just go faster!
09/11/11 @ 10:22 am by Justin Lynch
she got some moves!!
09/11/11 @ 12:41 pm by Edna De la Cruz
"its so cute with the two of you on it!"
09/11/11 @ 1:25 pm by angelicstyle
this one always makes me laugh, graceful gals!! haha
09/11/11 @ 2:22 pm by ski00
"Both of you ladies have great smiles and tht makes the video more fun".
09/12/11 @ 2:13 pm by angelicstyle
hip swung into my heart
09/12/11 @ 9:19 pm by Napper Matthews
Yes Edna gave me some moves I never thought I could!
09/12/11 @ 9:22 pm by kerry
I love JibJab!! Great vid!
09/16/11 @ 10:12 am by TraciiVCL
omg edna LOL this is great!
06/18/12 @ 8:23 am by Tiona Spade Spade
I just love this Edna, is so clever!
06/18/12 @ 10:57 pm by kerry
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07/06/12 @ 9:57 am
Marina Sousa contacted me as well as another artist Lydia to see what I thought about decorations on wire penetrating the cake surface. I was told there are tutorials that are recommending this practice. My reply to Lydia follows and Marina and spent an hour on the phone discussing this and the refrain is the same. It is dangerous, stupid and irresponsible to push wire into cake. If someone swallows a wire that detaches from the decoration/head of a flower lucky them if it does not find its way into a throat,
stomach or lung. In addition wire rusts and creates a chemical reaction affecting the cake cake taste which can be toxic in the chemical reaction or anything damp that it comes in contact. It is maddening that people do not use common sense -- this wire penetrating cake practice needs to stop. Insert the wires into Celpicks, these are made of food grade plastic and the wire does not make contact with the cake, if you must insert wire into a cake. Insertion shows poor skill in cake decoration. If you are the one in a million who injures someone, "bye bye house bye bye everything," most small business people don't have insurance and even then it is deliberate negligence. Would you do it to your own family?
07/06/12 @ 10:00 am by kerry
So very true Kerry if the, I use straws in the cakes to place the wires in. i make sure the customer knows they are there. dont know if this is good but much better that wire on cake.
07/06/12 @ 10:36 am by Sandys Sweets
Great advice and as usual spot on. Couldn't agree more.
07/06/12 @ 10:43 am by Sally Hackney
Txs for reminding us. I started using toothpicks as anchors. When making the flowers like roses I just use a toothpick . On smaller one with wires I've been wrapping the wire around a pick and then the pick is in cake not wire. How do you feel about this Kerry?
07/06/12 @ 11:06 am by Donna Joy
I'm thinking straws still have an open end. What if the wire has come loose and dropped to the bottome of the straw? A customer might think that by pulling outthe straw they have removed the end when the wire could still be in the cake. Just a thought. I use pics all the time.
07/06/12 @ 11:31 am by TraciiVCL
Thank you for sharing Kerry. I am on board with you regarding wires.
07/06/12 @ 12:15 pm by redtiaraprincess
I concur. And for Tracii - if I use straws for a barrier between wire and cake I fill the straw with butter cream or chocolate so there is something there holding the wire still and no dropping through. Really like using chocolate for this purpose. It keeps the item really still too!
07/06/12 @ 12:46 pm by cakesbycarla
I NEVER insert wires into a cake, ALWAYS a posy/cel pick! They are cheap as chips to buy and they could save you your business, thousands of dollars and your reputation incase anything happen!
07/06/12 @ 12:58 pm by Justin Lynch
No getting sued then!
07/06/12 @ 12:59 pm by Justin Lynch
Seal the end of the straw, then nothing can fall out.
07/06/12 @ 1:07 pm by kerry
Caterers find pins, dowels, bamboo skewers and amazing variety of unacceptable inserted materials. Leanne just posted on my FB page, one cake 116 different things and she did not have a count -- and it was to be her fault if she did not find them all.
07/06/12 @ 1:09 pm by kerry
Not her responsibilty, it is the cake artist.
07/06/12 @ 1:10 pm by kerry
Dead right Justin!
07/06/12 @ 1:13 pm by kerry
I also seal the end of the straws :)
07/06/12 @ 1:25 pm by Sandys Sweets
Sealing the end sounds too fiddley for me. Picks are cheap here too & come in 2 sizes.
07/06/12 @ 1:44 pm by TraciiVCL
We get the licks in various sizes, I always keep a stash as I use them often. I will use them to secure my rises next week. There are people here that stick wires straight into cake and it's like...don't do it!
07/06/12 @ 2:26 pm by Justin Lynch
If they (stupid people) get caught in the UK it is a criminal action as it is illegal.
07/06/12 @ 3:24 pm by kerry
My view is nothing that is not edible should be stuck into a cake - extreme I know . We should also disqualify competition pieces that do not follow the food safety rules - simply docking a few points is not sufficient to stop the practice.
07/06/12 @ 3:26 pm by englishrose
I am with you!
07/06/12 @ 3:28 pm by kerry
I also would like to bann the use of fresh flowers being placed on a cake - who knows what they have been sprayed with or what creepy crawlies might be hiding in the pretty petal - some of which are not even visible. While we are at it - wooden dowels and toothpicks could potentially leave splinters in the cake which could cause injury to the consumer - now I am on a roll - released all the pent up frustrations that I have observed over many years of cake decorating, competing and judging!!
07/06/12 @ 6:29 pm by englishrose
We love band wagons, keep it coming!
07/06/12 @ 7:30 pm by kerry
You also have to be careful with the plastic dowels too; when you cut them they can leaves shards of plastic too! I always sand them back a little with a knife sharpener to flatten and remove any loose bits. Wooden dowels are prettty good here, I've never had a problem with them in the past, but I have changed to plastic ones to be safer!
07/07/12 @ 4:09 am by Justin Lynch
As I have mentioned before the food rules in the UK are very strict - the surface of the cake must not be broken with a non food grade item - so pushing wires into cakes is a NO, drinking straws are a NO as they don't have a sealed end (sealing with chocolate etc would not be acceptable) this also means that satin ribbon insertion is a NO the ribbon needs to be edible,
07/07/12 @ 5:53 am by Christine Flinn
Englishrose - I often climb on my soap box re the use of fresh flowers on cake (poisonous sap and pesticides)
07/07/12 @ 5:55 am by Christine Flinn
Great advice everyone! Thanks so much for sharing!! yes Justin I shave down the plastic dowels as well because at times it is hard to get a nice clean cut. Thanks for the tip everyone on filling the straes with the buttercream! You learn something new here everyday!!
07/07/12 @ 7:58 am by cakeswithcharacter
We all need to be outspoken for pure safety sake!
07/07/12 @ 10:42 am by kerry
Keep the comments coming!
07/07/12 @ 12:59 pm by kerry
Straws are dicey in my book.
07/07/12 @ 1:06 pm by kerry
Good advice Justin about the sanding.
07/07/12 @ 1:09 pm by kerry
how does every feel about fake tiers mixed in with real cake? We don't do this but have resorts complaining about others. They say they aren't told about fake portions and the styro gets everywhere.
07/07/12 @ 1:57 pm by Donna Joy
In my opinion, if they must, fake cake for display, then sheet cake in the kitchen -- no discount though it is MORE Work and dummies cost the same as cake batter. B & G get a baby cake to cut alongside fake cake.
07/07/12 @ 2:54 pm by kerry
love this response, we are on the same page :)
07/07/12 @ 3:00 pm by Donna Joy
I don't have a problem with a stacked cake being a mixture of real cake and fake (providing the fake cake is sealed properly. If venues are complain then the fault is lack of communication between customer/staff
07/07/12 @ 3:01 pm by Christine Flinn
Problem here Christine is they shove styrofoam with no cardboard cake disk under it stright on top of the real cake! LOL. No brains.
07/07/12 @ 3:12 pm by kerry
oops sp. straight
07/07/12 @ 3:12 pm by kerry
Little styro balls everywhere!!
07/07/12 @ 3:12 pm by kerry
Yes some just have no common sense!
07/07/12 @ 5:19 pm by Sandys Sweets
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11/28/11 @ 6:07 pm
So sorry for not visiting yesterday and today, I am really sick with the flu. Headaches, hot and cold shivers just ghastly.
haven't had a cold or flu for about four years, guess I am paying now.
11/28/11 @ 6:08 pm by kerry
Oh heavens Kerry back to bed, hope you get to feeling better soon.
11/28/11 @ 6:13 pm by Sandys Sweets
Vic's, Ibuprofen, flannel pj's, pillow, down blanket and bed. Don't forget to drink lots of water. Hope you feel better
11/28/11 @ 6:13 pm by redtiaraprincess
Bless your heart and shame on you for not getting that flu shot!! (I haven't gotten mine either!!!)
11/28/11 @ 6:46 pm by Sally Hackney
Had the shot, but that is no guarantee.
11/28/11 @ 6:49 pm by kerry
Been in bed all day! NEVER do that!
11/28/11 @ 6:50 pm by kerry
Feel horrible, not a pretty vision!
11/28/11 @ 5:57 pm by kerry
Watched the Christmas cake wars on Food network last night! I was so glad to see a super market decorator win!!!
11/28/11 @ 5:57 pm by Leesha King Elka
Most of them are decorators in production business contrary to what Danny kept saying, Bronwen, Orlando, Karen Portaleo.
11/28/11 @ 5:59 pm by kerry
feel better. I'll ring you later in the week. Rest up!
11/28/11 @ 5:59 pm by Krista Parkinson
Ewwwwe that's not good @ all!! Feel better Kerry!!
11/28/11 @ 6:01 pm by Denise Deruiter-Triplitt
Feel Better , Chicken soup and Hot Tea
11/28/11 @ 6:11 pm by Irene Leach
Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Rest and get better soon.
11/28/11 @ 6:20 pm by Lucy Rudiger
Feel Better Soon!! Get some rest Kerry!
11/28/11 @ 7:18 pm by kaat
Get well soon!!!
11/28/11 @ 8:28 pm by cakesbycarla
Aww Kerry I hope u feel better soon...Ur always on the rest rest!
11/28/11 @ 9:05 pm by signaturesweetskim
I have heard 4 people getting sick because of the shot already. I did it one year and got sick from it..Never doing it again! Feel better soon!
11/28/11 @ 9:43 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Thanks Edna, maybe tomorrow I will feel better.
11/28/11 @ 10:42 pm by kerry
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Rest up and get better soon.
11/28/11 @ 11:42 pm by TraciiVCL
Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that Kerry. I hope you can take it easy and get lots of rest. Great time to catch up on old Christmas Movies!
11/29/11 @ 12:46 am by breannassugardreams
Hi Kerry midnight writer here....hope you feel better soon..hugs ("
11/29/11 @ 1:36 am by ski00
Hope you get well soon Kerry! It's a nasty bug; mine is just still lingering after three weeks. The flu jab isn't all that it's talked up to be!
11/29/11 @ 2:14 am by Justin Lynch
feel better Kerry!!! I know I'm due for my flu shot!! gotta get moving on that!!
11/29/11 @ 6:37 am by cakeswithcharacter
Hope you feel Better soon kerry Chicken Noodle soup and lots of rest will help.
11/29/11 @ 7:47 am by rje53
Thank you, am sticking close to my bed.
11/29/11 @ 7:56 am by kerry
Jesus is a Healer.. so I'll pray that He will send His healing virtue and touch your body. He took stripes for our healing and I believe He will touch you right now. Thank you Jesus for your mercy and compassion. Touch Kerry right now. Restore her strength, Release healing to her body in Jesus Name. and I give You all of the praise for it Lord.. :)
11/29/11 @ 8:25 am by Lois Stephens
Feeling any better today, Kerry?
11/29/11 @ 8:28 am by kaat
hoppe you feel better soon.
11/28/11 @ 6:59 pm by Noraida Vazquez
Thank you -- me too!
11/28/11 @ 7:47 pm by kerry
where do you get your fabulous headbands?
11/29/11 @ 1:06 am by Cheryl Marie Young Harry
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. We have the flu and pink eye running through our house right now. Feel better soon!
11/29/11 @ 9:16 am by ivyj2
Hope you feel better. Drink a lot of OJ
11/29/11 @ 11:13 pm by Molly Kilby
Thank you Molly! Doug brought home the chicken soup Richard.
11/30/11 @ 11:06 am by kerry
Good have a bowl of that and drink some oj and hope your feeling better soon . Doug is a good husband and please tell him i said that. hope your starting to feel better son.
11/30/11 @ 11:39 am by rje53
That should have been soon sorry about that my spelling is not the greatest of course my time management is not to good either ;-) Bu i am working on it.
11/30/11 @ 12:13 pm by rje53
I hope you feel better soon.
11/28/11 @ 5:56 pm by stacierusk
Hope you feel better soon!
11/28/11 @ 8:50 pm by pksaint
A couple of brandys should do the trick. Your body is telling you to take it easy. Take time to smell the roses. I know, easier said than done. Keep well. Tell Doug to get the vicks out and hot water bottle. Lol.
11/28/11 @ 9:36 pm by John Quai Hoi
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09/17/11 @ 9:29 pm
Paul's story! Edna gets a mention.
09/17/11 @ 9:30 pm by kerry
... the tight haired judge, Kerry Vincent??? What the heck does that mean? LOL LOL I have heard you called many things... but tight haired???
09/17/11 @ 9:49 pm by bonnie
Hey Edna!! ~waving at my screen~ How are you feeling this evening... any better sweetie?
09/17/11 @ 9:50 pm by bonnie
I wasn't too sure about that wither Bonnie, One thing I definitely don't have is tight hair!!
09/17/11 @ 9:52 pm by kerry
yes Bonnie! I can hear wich is something good! The pain has decreased but not gone yet..But is better
09/17/11 @ 9:52 pm by Edna De la Cruz
either not wither typo!
09/17/11 @ 9:53 pm by kerry
Wavin' to Bon Bon!
09/17/11 @ 9:53 pm by PapiCakes
hahaha tight hair..omg NO RESPECT!
09/17/11 @ 9:55 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Hate earache!
09/17/11 @ 10:09 pm by kerry
I hate any ache!
09/17/11 @ 10:12 pm by PapiCakes
Me too, just as bad as a toothache!
09/17/11 @ 10:13 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Great article for Paul. Seems like he was the only artist working though. I small mention of Edna, as an assistant. Sounds liek she swept floors and cleaned counters while he worked. I know that wouldn't happen!
09/17/11 @ 10:55 pm by PapiCakes
Yeah..Im barely mention as part of the team
09/17/11 @ 11:33 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Yes, it is important to give credit to the assistant it is DEFINITELY a partnership!
09/17/11 @ 11:46 pm by kerry
I would have thought so, as well. I do understand the "hometown" newspaper part. Seemed more self- promotion and a failure to put an emphasis on a "Team". Oh well!
09/18/11 @ 12:01 am by PapiCakes
And .. who was the person that he wanted to call for flower help for an OSSAS cake, Well, at least Edna is Judging at OSSAS.
09/18/11 @ 12:20 am by PapiCakes
I really think the assistant should get more of the limelight!!
09/18/11 @ 12:23 am by cakedesire
Nice article for Paul, but I agree...I don't think people get's definitely a team approach! You win together, or lose together! Lots of work and effort from both parties regardless of the outcome!!
09/18/11 @ 1:26 am by hautestuff
They interviewed me for 2 hours and we spoke extensively about all kinds of things, including Edna and how amazing she is. I think the world of Edna and how much she contributes. She's a truly giving person with unlimited talent. If anyone got any other impression, that saddens me very much. I don't control how they edit.
09/18/11 @ 1:27 am by paulartedibles
It is a TEAM or the cakes wouldn't get done! Simple. I would have been emphatic on that in the interview process. That article reads as self-promotion to a hometown paper. I'm sorry Paul, but I was offended by the lack of fore-thought as to how they writer would treat Edna in the article. Had you made an emphasis on the team, it would have showed. Great promotion for you business though!
09/18/11 @ 1:44 am by PapiCakes
Plus, this was the 2nd article written about you in The Ledger.
09/18/11 @ 1:49 am by PapiCakes
Oh dear!!! Didn't mean that as a slam in any sort of way against Paul!! Paul, you know that right???? I just meant that I know how hard Jayne worked to help me, but I don't think most people would understand that if they weren't too familiar with Challenge. Wasn't trying to dog you Paul--hope you know me better than that!! I am personally very aware of how interviews get edited and it was truly NOT my intention to make you seem like you were ungrateful for Edna! I know what a great team you guys are (that's what I was trying to say).
09/18/11 @ 12:54 pm by hautestuff
I'm proud of Paul's success and his effforts to promote his business. I'm also proud of Edna and her success. I should have private messaged Paul on FB, but this is family, so I spoke my mind as I would have with my Sister, or Dad. The ultimate focus was that the press wil make any slant they wish on sensational stories, but on Food features, they will take the lead from the person they interview. If they statments are "We", not "I", they will follow that lead in a write up. I'm thrilled Paul is getting recognition for his talent, which will help grow his business. He has a great opportunity in the Orlando area. That said, I hope in future releases emphasize the team regarding Challenge. Hugs and fist bumps to both!
09/18/11 @ 1:24 pm by PapiCakes
"Wow, it does get complicated when the assistant is or was someone well known to the cake decorator world. Congrats Paul & Edna"
09/18/11 @ 6:24 pm by angelicstyle
It was a good read! Great promo. Love the line "grande dame of "Food Network Challenge."" LOL sounds regal!
09/19/11 @ 10:12 am by TraciiVCL
LOL... I knew what you meant Kerry... What needs to be done this week at the fair grounds? Did you ever get the dirt off of everything?
09/17/11 @ 9:47 pm by bonnie
06/18/12 @ 8:23 am by Tiona Spade Spade
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11/14/11 @ 10:50 am
Late check-in today, hope everyone's day is going good! Happy Monday folks!!!
Morning Jus..your avatar is super cute!
11/14/11 @ 10:51 am by signaturesweetskim
Hey Justin! Happy Monday and yes - diggin' the new profile pic!
11/14/11 @ 10:56 am by cakesbycarla
Better late than never Justin. Have a great day.
11/14/11 @ 1:04 pm by redtiaraprincess
Have a great day!
11/14/11 @ 1:30 pm by kaat
Hey Justin!
11/14/11 @ 2:24 pm by Sally Hackney
can I ask a ? new here so I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. but I have a ? about royal icing.. I've used it to make flowers, but I recently read an article saying it is also used on cakes for icing. Why would you use an icing that hardens on a cake, versus BC? just wondering what the reasoning was as to why someone would ice a cake with RI. thanks yall God Bless
11/14/11 @ 2:31 pm by Lois Stephens
Christine Flinn visits here but is busy today I hope she will answer this one, if she doesn't have time then I will.
11/14/11 @ 2:41 pm by kerry
Christine is a royal icing expert!
11/14/11 @ 2:42 pm by kerry
oh ok thank you!! sooooooooo.. am I in a dream or are u like the REAL Kerry Vincent.. like THE KV?
11/14/11 @ 2:46 pm by Lois Stephens
Yes, its me! You better send your crew request again, for some reason it won't accept me. LOL
11/14/11 @ 3:14 pm by kerry
omg im gona friek out!! I JUSTTT watched you on that challenge sat. on food network and you told that girl to make her shark tail edible lol and I was bragging to you to my family who are forced to watch that show because I dont give them a choice.. and when it showed you i said omg there's kerry! and they were like who? (they are so disconnected lol) and i said KERRY VINCENT CAKE DIVAAAA.. MY IDOL LOL.. omg sooo honored to ''meet you'' wow.. !!!
11/14/11 @ 3:18 pm by Lois Stephens
I'm probably not doing it right.. it's my first time here.. so I'll try to send it again.. thank you!!!!
11/14/11 @ 3:18 pm by Lois Stephens
Never mind we really don't muddle with the crew stuff much we just stay here nd chat it is a family aand I think I am not sure when things are posted in the crews everyone doesn't get to see the comments -- correct me if I am wrong long term fantouragers!
11/14/11 @ 3:24 pm by kerry
Yes Kerry your right you have to post on Kerry Vincent for everyone to see your post and chat!
11/14/11 @ 3:27 pm by signaturesweetskim
Yesmam.. whatever YOU say.. wow.. I'm still in a fog.. you'll have to forgive me.. but I truly love/admire your work. I only have a year's experience in cake decorating.. but I have dreams of maybe one day being half as good as you.. :) thank you for your comments and help.
11/14/11 @ 3:27 pm by Lois Stephens
Welcome and you can have a crew if you want to.
11/14/11 @ 3:31 pm by kerry
Thank you Kimberley, our days are a bit short having to amke multiple posts when everyone can everything at once here. Thank you for verifying love !
11/14/11 @ 3:32 pm by kerry
oops see everything at once
11/14/11 @ 3:33 pm by kerry
Kerry, with sooo many variations, what BC icing do you recommend? Can you post? I know that with as much as you do, I'm sure you purchase pre-made such as CK etc.. but just saying IF YOU DID make a crusting BC icing.. what would your recipe be?
11/14/11 @ 3:41 pm by Lois Stephens
Thought so!
11/14/11 @ 3:55 pm by kerry
I do not use standard BC icing much Italian and Swiss meringue I prefer. I do not use crisco or derivitives always butter.
11/14/11 @ 3:56 pm by kerry
I never use commercial BC!
11/14/11 @ 3:57 pm by kerry
hmm interesting.. thank you.. thank you!!
11/14/11 @ 4:00 pm by Lois Stephens
Your welcome Kerry! I only know because the wonderful Ms. Des told me when I was newbie!
11/14/11 @ 4:00 pm by signaturesweetskim
That's where I must have remembered it from thanks Kimberly!
11/14/11 @ 4:05 pm by kerry
Welcome Happytiers! P.S. Rule #1 Don't get Kerry started on criscocream! lol
11/14/11 @ 5:49 pm by ivyj2
Hiya Justin! Hope your day has gone well
11/14/11 @ 5:51 pm by ivyj2
Jayne that is too funny!
11/14/11 @ 7:26 pm by kerry
Evening Justin!! late check in for me as well. I was on earlier and then running all day! Hope you had a good one!!
11/14/11 @ 8:49 pm by cakeswithcharacter
Jayne, thank you for that valuable information.. cuz I SURELY do not want to upset Kerry! oh no no no! :)
11/15/11 @ 8:56 am by Lois Stephens
Kerry.. I am looking up those meringue recipes you recommended; I will ice a cake this evening and let you know how it turns out! Thank You!!!
11/15/11 @ 8:58 am by Lois Stephens
after reviewing both types of recipes,, I think the Swiss Meringue will be maybe a little simpler; since you combine the egg white with the sugar, vs, cooking the sugar and trying to mix the egg whites at the same time. so I'll try the Swiss first lol.. :)
11/15/11 @ 12:27 pm by Lois Stephens
Hi Happtiers, Royal icing has been around before Queen Victoria (1858), but since Queen Victoria's wedding it changed its name its 'Royal Icing'. Fruitcake was always the celebration cake of choice in the UK until the 1990's. It is traditional for a fruicake to be covered with a layer of marzipan/almondpaste than then coated in royal icing. THe combination of flavurs/textures work well together. Buttercream cakes were mainly used for childrens birthdays cakes up to the mid 1980's . After that time the icing of choice was sugarpaste ie a roll out icing, known as fondant in the USA. Royal icing used for coating fruitcakes containes a small amount of glycerine. this product stops the royal icing drying out completley so can be cut with a knife and not need a hammer/chisel.
11/15/11 @ 1:15 pm by Christine Flinn
Happtiers check out this link to see what can be done with Royal Icing. by the way the first reference to using a piping bag/cone is 1840's
11/15/11 @ 1:21 pm by Christine Flinn
gee thanks.. what a scholar you are :)
11/15/11 @ 1:35 pm by Lois Stephens
I see Christine was able to give you some very good info!
11/17/11 @ 1:50 am by kerry
yesmam, very good!!
11/17/11 @ 8:37 am by Lois Stephens
  561 pts
11/26/11 @ 6:34 pm
SO, who battled Black Friday and Blue Friday and whatever other color Friday they have invented.
Not me! There is nothing I want that badly.
11/26/11 @ 6:42 pm by bonnie
Did you go out in the frey Kerry?
11/26/11 @ 6:43 pm by bonnie
We were actually just leaving the Heart Insitute that day. John had surgery on Wednesday so we spent the entire holiday in the hospital. He is fine and back home recovering now.
11/26/11 @ 6:44 pm by bonnie
me neither!
11/26/11 @ 7:20 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Hi Bon Bon!
11/26/11 @ 7:20 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Send John a big Kiss and a hug from me!
11/26/11 @ 7:21 pm by Edna De la Cruz
No not me Bonnie, so sorry to hear about John. Most of my shopping has been done, the inlaws are heaving home to have Christmas with the other side of their family
11/26/11 @ 10:15 pm by kerry
and taking their gifts with them. So only have four people left.
11/26/11 @ 10:16 pm by kerry
We thought about hopping over the border but nixed that idea
11/27/11 @ 12:18 am by TraciiVCL
We don't have Black Friday till the Friday before Christmas.
11/27/11 @ 5:19 am by Justin Lynch
Not me, I do not want to be involved in that madness!!
11/27/11 @ 6:53 am by cakeswithcharacter
Nope! Me either!
11/27/11 @ 10:35 am by Sally Hackney
Kerry... what are you getting Doug ths year?
11/27/11 @ 11:07 am by bonnie
Hey Edna... glad you are back in the states. Miss you...
11/27/11 @ 11:08 am by bonnie
I love internet shopping.
11/27/11 @ 12:26 pm by redtiaraprincess
I was at walmart at 9:30pm. It was a mad house. People were ripping open boxes before the 10pm sale start. I found the few things I was hoping for. Then I went and waited in the sprinkling rain outside of Kohls for 30 mins before they opened at midnight. Got some great deals there! All in all it was great fun.
11/27/11 @ 1:39 pm by breannassugardreams
i told my husband I want a pasta machine (yes I showed him a picture of it) for my gumpaste flowers lol.. knowing him, I'll end up with an assortment of different pastas: macaroni, rigatoni, etc.. oh lord. spaghetti anyone??
11/28/11 @ 2:00 pm by Lois Stephens
LOL, get the one that is all in one, from Canada.
11/28/11 @ 6:52 pm by kerry
Branna, I should take your pulse child! LOL.
11/28/11 @ 6:52 pm by kerry
I did!!! I had so much fun. I love to go out and people watch and try to get some deals. I got everything on my list. It was fun. My step mom is visiting from Canada, she comes each year and we do the black friday crazy.
11/26/11 @ 6:33 pm by iceddreamscakes
I did Kerry, lol i was not able to make the 10 pm and midnight sales, just too tired, but got up and had hope if i went out at 6 am i would get the things i missed at midnight :) i did and got them all lol and a 65 inch tv to watch ya better lol figured it was the only way to get you in my family room lol....
11/26/11 @ 6:54 pm by Angelhouse CakesnMore Blaze
Oh not meeee Kerry! I've never been into fisticuffs after Thanksgiving lol!
11/26/11 @ 6:55 pm by Denise Deruiter-Triplitt
Me either!
11/26/11 @ 7:06 pm by kerry
I'm a "get in and get out" kind of shopper!! Plus they have just as good of sales a few weeks before Christmas anyways!!
11/26/11 @ 7:08 pm by Denise Deruiter-Triplitt
I had a blast ... My boy went with me and we went thurs night and fri morning ... They said people could go ahead and get thethings and i had 5 different people that were going to give me things so i just stood in one spot but they all gave me like 2-5 instead of just one lol... I told my boy hands and arms in the cart, stay down, people will be throwing boxes in every direction, i want you to be safe and mama might have to take out a few people ok? Of course he knew i was joking about taking people out ..........sorta ;0) hehehe then when we got to the registers we were finding people that had said they wanted certain things and tried to trade them for things it was a total blast!!! Found everything but legos and wheni was walking out there was a set at the register so i got them! Woot woot! ... All day today my boy has been telling me he wants to go crazy shopping again hahaha... So thats the new color for it Kerry "crazy" lol my sister is in indy and she went out thurs at 10 to shop for a little bit and had so much fun she was out until 6 am!! Heheheh
11/26/11 @ 8:18 pm by laneylou
Man oh man -- till 6 AM, EVEN WHEN I was young and crazy I would have been too tired to do that! Gald everyone had fun!
11/26/11 @ 9:59 pm by kerry
My sister and I did, left the house at 1100 PM and got home at 630 AM! The sales were great, only rude crazy crowd was at LOWES, go think. Had a blast.
11/27/11 @ 11:38 am by retirednavychief
Sounds like the stalwarts had a GREAT time!
11/28/11 @ 6:58 pm by kerry
Quiet without Edna!
11/28/11 @ 6:59 pm by kerry
Justin I didn;/t know you had Black Friday, is it like Swarte Pete?
11/28/11 @ 7:01 pm by kerry
I am so sorry to hear that Bonnie -- hope all is well, am thinking of you!
11/26/11 @ 7:03 pm by Kerry Vincent
NO idea Bonnie!
11/27/11 @ 12:53 pm by Kerry Vincent
What did you end up getting him last year? Has he dropped any hints? What about a River Cruise? I know he would rather be flying around but sometimes the water is relaxing and I have heard the river boats can be quite luxurious...
11/27/11 @ 9:18 pm by bonnie
i hate black friday yet i always do it
06/18/12 @ 8:24 am by Tiona Spade Spade
Doesn't everyone?? LOL!
06/18/12 @ 10:56 pm by kerry
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06/15/12 @ 10:13 am
Yesterdday i made the lilies and roses and got the cake baked, today is frostings and fillings and fondant. once the cake is done i will try to post some photos. i enjoy seeing your photos!
I want to see them. I just love roses.
06/15/12 @ 10:15 am by Brian Shockley
Absolutely we want to see!! Can't wait!
06/15/12 @ 11:07 am by Sally Hackney
Love pics.
06/15/12 @ 11:09 am by Sandys Sweets
Look forward to the pics Diane!
06/15/12 @ 1:54 pm by Justin Lynch
Dianne, you should post some of your cakes, they are beautiful.
06/15/12 @ 3:41 pm by redtiaraprincess
YES pics please!!!
06/15/12 @ 9:33 pm by TraciiVCL
Dianne, I am so pleased you have finally mastered the art of getting onto Fantourage.
06/15/12 @ 11:42 pm by kerry
Love seeing you here you are an inspiration!
06/15/12 @ 11:43 pm by kerry
You all are seriously good for my ego! I just figured out how to get on here and make might take some work! lol thanks everyone!! I will try!
06/15/12 @ 11:59 pm by Dianne Holgate
We are all here for each of and that is what is so great.
06/16/12 @ 12:08 am by Sandys Sweets
Believe me Dianne, they WILL help (??) LOL you get those pics posted, they LOVE pics!!!
06/16/12 @ 12:27 am by kerry
06/16/12 @ 7:07 am by cakeswithcharacter
can't wait to see them!!
06/16/12 @ 8:20 am by ivyj2
Dianne there is only one trick to getting pics to post need to resize them. If you don't know how to do that email me and I will let you know. (
06/16/12 @ 9:41 am by Sally Hackney
thanks sally i tried posting some last night and i t didn;t work so i will email you after the cake is done. i deliver it today at 4pm. thank you!
06/16/12 @ 10:21 am by Dianne Holgate
I always have trouble with photos too Dianne -- so I put them on FB as Papi told me to do then download (under options) to my desktop then post that pic --FB automatically sizes the picture. Fantourage expects you to size your own and I am not that smart!
06/16/12 @ 11:01 am by kerry
Didn't I ell you Dianne??
06/16/12 @ 2:48 pm by kerry
I was having trouble with pics too and then Kerry told me how she does it works for me too!
06/16/12 @ 4:20 pm by Debbie Blucher
Sometimes when you post too much comments with the pictures, they won't post. So if you title the pic and post your comments after, it works.
06/16/12 @ 4:46 pm by TraciiVCL
I must be a genius, LOL I inspired Debbie on how to post pics and it WORKED! Thanks to Papi!
06/18/12 @ 11:15 pm by kerry
LOL, u be genius via Papi....Awweeesoommeee! lol
06/19/12 @ 4:47 am by Debbie Blucher
So where is Miss Debbie lately?
07/10/12 @ 6:45 pm by kerry
I'm here, Kerry. Just kinda depressed lately for various reasons, but hoping Reno will ignite a good spark :-) My husband and I are driving down from Washington and not really looking forward to the drive, but we both don't like to fly. I think we're going to try and break the trip up into two days so that should make it lots better :-) Looking forward to meeting you that's for sure!
07/10/12 @ 11:23 pm by Debbie Blucher
No depression allowed Debbie! We are here to pick oulselves up and be picked up! Smile! Looking forward to seeing you too.
07/10/12 @ 11:49 pm by kerry
Thanks, Kerry
07/11/12 @ 3:41 am by Debbie Blucher
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05/17/12 @ 9:38 pm
Casting call for those who are interested!
WHOOT! Cool new show!
05/17/12 @ 11:19 pm by TraciiVCL
Sounds like a great opportunity!
05/18/12 @ 3:06 am by Justin Lynch
Sounds interesting!!
05/18/12 @ 6:32 am by cakeswithcharacter
Sounds great!!!!!!
05/18/12 @ 7:30 am by signaturesweetskim
Now why couldn't this have shown up twenty years ago while I was still young and attractive???? (oh yeah...I wasn't doing cakes twenty years ago! hahahahaha)
05/18/12 @ 8:21 am by Sally Hackney
Sally you are still young and attractive. Age is just a number and our looks are due to wisdom
05/18/12 @ 8:32 am by redtiaraprincess
Very interesting. My question you have to buy a bunch of materials to be in a competition (like Challenge) or do you get selected and they provide materials? I'm very curious about this :0)
05/18/12 @ 1:25 pm by cakesbycarla
Good question Carla! I saw this earlier and thought the same thing as the costs for Challenge would have been prohibitive for me if I had the stuff to make the cut:)
05/18/12 @ 6:15 pm by julief
Very well said Katherine :)
05/18/12 @ 7:53 pm by Sandys Sweets
Networks will not pay for competitor equipment
05/18/12 @ 10:12 pm by kerry
Consider it an investment in publicity.
05/18/12 @ 10:13 pm by kerry
Oh yes, Sally, I do not have wrinkles I have shrinkles -- my own word for smile lines!
05/18/12 @ 10:14 pm by kerry
I luv watching these shows!
05/19/12 @ 2:26 am by Debbie Blucher
Shrinkles!! hahahahaha...I love it!!!
05/19/12 @ 8:03 am by Sally Hackney
You have my leave to borrow it Sally!
05/20/12 @ 9:52 am by kerry
Yes, Challenge is on at 9 am these days, although it changes.
05/20/12 @ 7:18 pm by kerry
We had to pay for everthing but was reimbured a small amount.
05/20/12 @ 9:24 pm by signaturesweetskim
Hey Kim -thanks for your info. Did you have to pay for hotel and airfare too? Or just pay for the cake materials you used for the show? Thanks for your help!
05/20/12 @ 9:42 pm by cakesbycarla
FNTV pays for hotel and airfare or gas with restrictions. This is a different studio so the criteria may well be very different.
05/20/12 @ 10:14 pm by kerry
No problem..flight and hotel was paid! Materials we were told how much they would cover.anything more was our expense. Overral great experience....Kerry is right viewed the additional cost as huge investment in publicity!!
05/20/12 @ 10:20 pm by signaturesweetskim
Thank you Kim & Kerry! Great insight. I might send in my stuff - basically like buying a lottery ticket in mind mind LOL! But want to know what the protocol is just in case. Thanks for the info!
05/20/12 @ 10:24 pm by cakesbycarla
If you are not in the swim you have no chance -- ask the questions you want to have answered.
05/21/12 @ 9:00 pm by kerry
Talked to casting they couldnt give alot of info...but said something about over the top designs... incorporating another medium.? I was confused...LOL
05/21/12 @ 9:39 pm by signaturesweetskim
Thanks Kim! I sent in my stuff. We'll see. Did you send in yours? Hope so!
05/22/12 @ 10:54 am by cakesbycarla
Good luck to all!
05/23/12 @ 12:29 am by kerry
OK so imagine Cupcake Wars, you make the cupcakes create the setup and then you have a carpenter create the stand.
05/23/12 @ 12:34 am by kerry
That is the third party so to speak!
05/23/12 @ 12:35 am by kerry
Ok think I get it. Thanks Kerry. I submitted my info as well Carla!
05/23/12 @ 8:59 am by signaturesweetskim
Let us know how it goes!
05/23/12 @ 9:24 am by kerry
One more question...Kerry are you directly involved in this new show?
05/23/12 @ 10:20 am by signaturesweetskim
my biggest dream!
06/18/12 @ 8:25 am by Tiona Spade Spade
No, not involved. Just helping.
06/18/12 @ 10:55 pm by kerry
Wow, you guys, let us know early on if you are selected to do this....would absolutely adore rootin' ya'll on, lol!!!! Awesome
06/19/12 @ 4:36 am by Debbie Blucher
  526 pts
10/24/11 @ 1:05 pm
For some reason it didn't post the pic -- here we go again!
You look so pretty!
10/24/11 @ 1:26 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Great pic! ;o)
10/24/11 @ 1:32 pm by Justin Lynch
OMG! That's not even fair!!
10/24/11 @ 1:34 pm by Sally Hackney
I was pleased with this you never know how a pic turns out, I just handed my camera to someone and said take a shot please! A good memory!
10/24/11 @ 1:45 pm by kerry
a witch in pearls : ) love it
10/24/11 @ 2:36 pm by Rebecca Bosque
10/24/11 @ 2:50 pm by yukonlady
Thank you!
10/24/11 @ 3:06 pm by kerry
Love it, you look happy
10/24/11 @ 3:11 pm by redtiaraprincess
um...not wicked looking at all! beautiful pic!
10/24/11 @ 4:27 pm by Amy Craparo
Awesome picture!
10/24/11 @ 4:28 pm by pksaint
I think my makeup lady Jessica Licata might have taken it.
10/24/11 @ 5:01 pm by kerry
Fab pic!!! My fav thing to be on Halloween!!
10/24/11 @ 5:10 pm by TraciiVCL
Great pic! Saw the outfit on the show. I loved Keegan's make-up too!
10/24/11 @ 5:22 pm by PapiCakes
Love! So pretty!
10/24/11 @ 8:14 pm by hautestuff
Were you able to get tickets for Friday Wendy?
10/24/11 @ 8:51 pm by kerry
I emailed D'Lynn! Now I just have to figure out who will pick up my oldest from school!! :)
10/24/11 @ 10:18 pm by hautestuff
Gorgeous.. definatley not the scarest witch ive seen. :)
10/24/11 @ 11:25 pm by Kate Tyndall
You made it! Great you made it. Kate is from Australia and lives in my home state everyone make her welcome!
10/24/11 @ 11:31 pm by kerry
Hey!!! I sure did :) Hi everyone
10/24/11 @ 11:46 pm by Kate Tyndall
This bunch are nightowls and will start appearing soon usually when I am heading to bed!
10/24/11 @ 11:55 pm by kerry
:).. Thanks .. Didnt realise i had missions to complete..hahahahah
10/24/11 @ 11:22 pm by Kate Tyndall
No you don't have to, I just ignore them, some of our friends do it.
10/25/11 @ 12:00 am by kerry
In fact to be honest I don't even know what they are.
10/25/11 @ 12:01 am by kerry
Starting November 1 I will have a little prize each month for everyone to have a shot for.
10/25/11 @ 12:02 am by kerry
Hello from Canada Kate!!
10/25/11 @ 12:46 am by TraciiVCL
A witch stole my favorite necklace!!! Kerry, you are gorgeous... like you needed to be told... right? You seemed to be having so much fun on the show in this costume. It was a great twist, but not for the contestants. But they all thought on their feet and got the job done!
10/25/11 @ 7:12 am by bonnie
Hi Kate! I am Bonnie from the beaches of NC. I am only a novice cake decorator, but they let me hang with the big boys and girls in here. Welcome to Kerry's Krazies! We have a lot of fun and talk about anything and everything, including cake! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
10/25/11 @ 7:14 am by bonnie
Welcome Kate!
10/25/11 @ 1:40 pm by hautestuff
lol..the time difference is like 12hours ;)
10/24/11 @ 11:45 pm by Kate Tyndall
lol. i thought it was compulsory..heheheheeh.. i will give up now.
10/24/11 @ 11:51 pm by Kate Tyndall
Thanks Girls.
10/25/11 @ 9:19 pm by Kate Tyndall
NIce to see you back Kate! Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming.
10/25/11 @ 10:42 pm by kerry
And, no I didn't forget Canada! LOL
10/25/11 @ 10:42 pm by kerry
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06/09/12 @ 4:46 pm
Hello Cake Junkies, popping in to see what everyone is up today. I was also looking at the OSSA site and took a look at all the catagories we can get into. I believe we will see lots of sugar masks (fun stuff). I also wanted to mention the two host hotels The Doubletree or Embassy Suites the pricing is fantastic for these two hotels. I have stayed at the Double Tree and loved it. It was quiet, very clean and the beds were great no - backaches from sleeping on a yucky mattress. If you have considered one of t
I loved Embassy Suites the first couple of years we stayed there, but last year I was a little disappointed with them. My experience with the Doubletree was good last spring.
06/09/12 @ 6:46 pm by ivyj2
What was wrong Jayne? I need to know this stuff, the jsut remodelled and I went over to look and the lobby is lovely.
06/09/12 @ 10:11 pm by kerry
oops just! (sp)
06/09/12 @ 10:12 pm by kerry
Everyone please keep me posted as to where you are going to book. I want to be at the same place as you all will be.
06/10/12 @ 8:24 am by Sally Hackney
Where are the categories located to enter please?
06/10/12 @ 11:26 am by Justin Lynch
Justin, the rules regs and categories are on the website
06/10/12 @ 11:47 am by kerry
The Doubletree was great last year!!
06/10/12 @ 4:44 pm by cakeswithcharacter
I am happy you have enjoyed the hotels I have chosen, I worked hard to get really great prices to make it as cheap as possible for visitors and contestants.
06/10/12 @ 8:23 pm by kerry
The main hotels are the Doubletree and Embassy Suites.
06/10/12 @ 8:28 pm by kerry
I have stayed at both and the where excellent, I do believe we will be staying at the Doubletree this year.
06/10/12 @ 9:50 pm by Sandys Sweets
Jim and I have stayed at both as well my only complaint was no wifi in the rooms last year
06/11/12 @ 1:31 am by Dianne Holgate
i think that was at the embassy suites, we stayed at the same one as the class was being taught so i can't remember which one???
06/11/12 @ 1:32 am by Dianne Holgate
So...are you all saying the Doubletree is the one???
06/11/12 @ 8:36 am by Sally Hackney
In both hotels Dianne???
06/11/12 @ 7:39 pm by kerry
Doubletree is where Orlando's class will be held! and where it was held last year for Karen.
06/11/12 @ 7:40 pm by kerry
I asked Jim and wifi was free at the Embassy and free in the lobby at the Doubletree but if you wanted it in your room it was extra and kind of expensive, My friend Tara couldnt skype with her little boys down in the lobby because it was like a library and skyping is not quiet with 3 young kids. We stayed there because it was easier for me to carry my class supplies there at the doubbletree.
06/12/12 @ 12:08 am by Dianne Holgate
Dianne, internet is always charged for at more up-market hotels, I don't know how much it is but imagine $9.99 per day I just paid $20 per day at a HIlton, the only free wifi is in the roadside hotels/motels. The airports are not having free wifi anymore, they $9.99 just to log on while you are waiting for your plane to leave.
06/12/12 @ 12:22 am by kerry
We have a Hilton time share so maybe that has something to do with the wifi. I don't think we used our points for the time share last year and just paid for the room. I didn't realize you had to pay even in air ports! I haven't flown since i lost my legs(kind of worried about that security stuff with the legs) we have been driving alot because i need my scooter chair some to get around if there is alot of walking involved in what we do on a trip.
06/12/12 @ 12:52 am by Dianne Holgate
  516 pts
06/02/12 @ 9:23 am
Great and fabulous news today, first an e-mail from my second cousin Rosalind, who is visiting an elderly friend in her late nineties in Perth and what a lovely surprise, she tells me they were discussing my mother and the elderly lady had saved her invitation to my parents wedding, it is being sent to me; will be the best gift ever! I am just thrilled!
thats so awsome... id be thrilled as well
06/02/12 @ 9:26 am by Denise Martin
Yes, fabulous Denise.
06/02/12 @ 9:42 am by kerry
a great piece of family history, make sure she sends it secure post.
06/02/12 @ 10:20 am by Christine Flinn
Yes, you are right Christine, Doug and I just discussed that very thing.
06/02/12 @ 10:23 am by kerry
Oh that is wonderful Kerry, my grandmother was doing our family tree back to the mayflower. It is wonderful to have parts of up our family.
06/02/12 @ 10:26 am by Sandys Sweets
That is so cool. I love when things like that happen. It will be a treasure for you!
06/02/12 @ 10:43 am by cakesbycarla
Yes, it will be!
06/02/12 @ 10:47 am by kerry
Oh wow Kerry! How precious will that be? That's one of those most unexpected joys that come along so rarely. I'm so thrilled for you.
06/02/12 @ 11:25 am by Sally Hackney
How wonderful Kerry, it was meant for you to have. My grandmother gave me her "Wedding Book" the guest all signed it. It is a tresure.
06/02/12 @ 12:24 pm by redtiaraprincess
Kerry, that's sounds like its going to be a great piece of memorabilia for you to keep! Things mean more to me as I grow older and I try to keep as much as I can if it has sentimental value! Hope it arrives safely to you!!
06/02/12 @ 7:05 pm by Justin Lynch
Yes, Justin, it does seem more important as you age. Katharine you are so lucky to have that bool!
06/02/12 @ 7:22 pm by kerry
oops, book!
06/02/12 @ 7:22 pm by kerry
OH WOW! How cool is that! I found a book of my dad's old love letters a while back it was amazing! I have post cards my grand father sent to my grand mother during WWI They are silk embroidered. These are the things that keep their memories alive!
06/02/12 @ 9:00 pm by TraciiVCL
Tracii, I have my father's love letters too, but I kind of feel awful reading them, so ribbon-tied them up in bundles and just keep them in a drawer. I also have more than 100 postcards that my Grandfather sent to my Grandmother during WW1. I read those because they are more formal.
06/02/12 @ 9:34 pm by kerry
That is an amazing find! So happy for you :)
06/02/12 @ 10:43 am by Lin McNally
I just love how they used to write to each other on postcards, knowing full well every hand they went through read them LOL
06/02/12 @ 9:48 pm by TraciiVCL
More than 100 wow that IS a lot!!
06/02/12 @ 9:49 pm by TraciiVCL
How wonderful Kerry! I have a wooden rolling pin that my parents received as a wedding gift, it's my favorite everything in the kitchen except cakes. I would be totally lost if something happened to it.
06/02/12 @ 10:31 pm by ivyj2
Yes, having those things are important, it is a connection with them.
06/02/12 @ 11:47 pm by kerry
I just love how they used to write to each other on postcards, knowing full well every hand they went through read them LOL
06/02/12 @ 9:48 pm by TraciiVCL
I know every generation has its own issues, but our grandmothers were tough cookies. I got email from my husband almost daily when he was in Iraq and I was always anxious. I can't imagine how they would go weeks & months with no communication from their deployed husbands & family!
06/02/12 @ 9:55 pm by Bobbi Bishop Holl
Yes, I have the silk embroidered post cards too, thank god for the French who seemed to have started that.
06/02/12 @ 11:51 pm by kerry
My Great grandmother must have been resilent, she hade five sons at the front and one of them was a POW (my grandfather) she wrote to them -- I have a few of her notes too. Pretty much like me direct and straight forward, must be a chip off the old ladies block! LOL.
06/02/12 @ 11:53 pm by kerry
oops resilient (sp)
06/02/12 @ 11:54 pm by kerry
I cannot believe your family has kept up with all those things. That is amazing in itself.
06/03/12 @ 8:33 am by Sally Hackney
Ye, it keeps us really connec ted to the past -- I like/love that, some people do not care.
06/03/12 @ 2:12 pm by kerry
Its the past that makes you the person you are - roots are important, Those that don't care will always loose out in the end
06/03/12 @ 2:19 pm by Christine Flinn
Very true Christine, I hang onto everything that I can.
06/03/12 @ 2:29 pm by kerry
Kerry I hope you planon shring it with us when it comes...
06/04/12 @ 2:17 am by bonnie
Yes, I will Bonnie! Bonnie Merchant
06/04/12 @ 2:20 am by kerry
Why are you up my dear?
06/04/12 @ 2:24 am by bonnie
We got in a little bit ago from seeing our house in Bossier City. It is a lovely little house, but is ungoing some major renovations so it will be perfecr when we go back to stay in Sept.
06/04/12 @ 2:26 am by bonnie
off to bed now.... still seeing those white lines of the highway in my brain.... talk to you tomorrow and will post some renovation pictures.
06/04/12 @ 2:28 am by bonnie
So do I - much to my DH annoyance
06/03/12 @ 2:31 pm by Christine Flinn
Packing up to move is the worst part of it Bonnie!
06/04/12 @ 8:05 pm by kerry
Looking forward to seeing the pics!
06/04/12 @ 8:06 pm by kerry
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09/11/11 @ 9:27 pm
I just read in the newspaper today that one should use 2 cups of Crisco and 3 cups of sugar as the first ingredients, I was about to die. 2 cups of Crisco -- heart failure imminent!
in a cake -- I should have added. I am feeling queazy just thinking about it!
09/11/11 @ 9:28 pm by kerry
Kerry, the sad part is many people use shortening. Even sadder is the people who do not know or care that they are eating it. I always tell my customers if they want to eat shortening, here I will give you a tub and they can go at it.
09/11/11 @ 10:00 pm by redtiaraprincess
Wow, thats crazy, i know that back when i made st patricks day cake, i messed up by putting a cup and a half of oil in th ebatch of cake mix and by the next day I was Sure paying for it , running to the bathroom alot sure made me sick < Never do that again ill tell ya >
09/11/11 @ 10:26 pm by wjbowden3
That doesn't sound appetizing at all!
09/11/11 @ 10:36 pm by ivyj2
"Personally through common sense & research I have come to stop using crisco in pretty much everything."
09/11/11 @ 11:07 pm by angelicstyle
Good girl!
09/11/11 @ 11:30 pm by kerry
that has to be a typo! lol
09/11/11 @ 11:31 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Am I doin' it all wrong????? LOL
09/11/11 @ 11:43 pm by PapiCakes
09/12/11 @ 12:07 am by angelicstyle
ick! Thats creepy.
09/12/11 @ 12:16 am by breannassugardreams
i use butter although neither of them is good for you either.!!
09/12/11 @ 12:49 am by bbackal
"We gotta use"
09/12/11 @ 1:09 am by angelicstyle
I don't know if I've ever tried butter cream with vegetable fat, it just doesn't sound right!
09/12/11 @ 1:58 am by Justin Lynch
OK... I must be a real loser. I use 2 cups of crisco, 2 sticks of butter, 3/4 cups of milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp almond and 4 lbs of sugar. Am I out of the loop? Is there a new way to make crusting buttercream? The times I have used all butter were disasterous. Help me out here.....
09/12/11 @ 7:11 am by bonnie
This was a cake recipe not a buttercream recipe. Back to buttercream then: buttercream can't be crisco cream.
09/12/11 @ 8:33 am by kerry
Bonnie if you are having trouble with butter in your buttercream then you need to use meringue powder.
09/12/11 @ 8:34 am by kerry
That must be the worlds worst cake. It makes me ill to even think of it.
09/12/11 @ 9:18 am by takesthecake
When I first started this wonderful journey...I discovered meringue powder and I haven't looked back since. It's wonderful. (p.s.....the journey only started a few months ago!! lol)
09/12/11 @ 10:10 am by Sally Hackney
Think about it.... If shortening won't even melt/breakdown when you're trying to wash it off utensils,
09/12/11 @ 11:17 am by Jennifer Campbell
Cont... When butter melts/breaks down immediately, think about what it must be doing inside your body.... ie NOT breaking down?!
09/12/11 @ 11:19 am by Jennifer Campbell
"Give it up for butter....right?"
09/12/11 @ 8:41 pm by angelicstyle
I thought merengue powder was for royal icing. Would someone please post a wonderful recipe for crusting buttercream icing?
09/12/11 @ 8:45 pm by bonnie
09/11/11 @ 10:41 pm by neil-leal
too much hydrogenated oil, Kerry. Is that for butter cream ?
09/11/11 @ 10:49 pm by neil-leal
No for a cake Neil
09/11/11 @ 10:51 pm by Kerry Vincent
09/11/11 @ 10:51 pm by Kerry Vincent
o my goodness!
09/11/11 @ 10:53 pm by neil-leal
09/12/11 @ 12:16 am by Marilyn Holovach Ludwig
sorry for the fantourage logos guys :P It's not taken off on Kerry's page
09/12/11 @ 3:43 pm by flameorigin
So... who wants to post a good crusting buttercream recipe? I have only used meringue powder to make royal icing. Gosh... my novice decorator status is really showing... see why I don't post much? I didn't want ya'll to know how clueless I can be! LOL
09/12/11 @ 6:38 pm by bonnie
Kerry... you crack me up with that "Crisco Cream" statement. But it does make me think of Krispie Kreme... do you have those donut shops out west?
09/12/11 @ 6:40 pm by bonnie
"I don't think profesional decorators use that crusting you...anybody?"
09/14/11 @ 4:23 pm by angelicstyle
Bonnie try substituting all butter and for every three pounds of powdered sugar 2 T meringue powder if you are in a really humid area up it to 3 T. Mix as usual sift it in with your powdered sugar..
09/17/11 @ 11:20 pm by kerry
Angelicstyle... sorry, I do not know your real name. I always use a crusting buttercream because it is the only type that you can smooth out to make it look like a fondant covered cake. My customers are very rural and unsophisticated. They do not want their cakes vovered in fondant, yet they like the look of it. So I spend many hours smoothing butter cream cakes. I may send a pic of one through so you can see what I mean.
09/18/11 @ 8:55 am by bonnie
Thanks Kerry! You are an angel... but then again, you probably already know that. I will try the meringue powder this week. I have some in the cupboard but up until now, have only used it to make royal icing. I hate measuring out that nasty crisco... so I sure will not miss that!
09/18/11 @ 8:57 am by bonnie
"Hi Bonnie my name is don't get me wrong I like working with crusty buttercream...I think I will start using it again."
09/19/11 @ 4:16 am by angelicstyle
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05/27/12 @ 3:11 pm
Am sitting in my trailer with my name and a star on the door -- how amazing is that?!
Will take a pic and post when I get home.
05/27/12 @ 3:12 pm by kerry
That is too cool...Kerry and Hollywood!
05/27/12 @ 3:14 pm by Rena Pocrass
Love it!
05/27/12 @ 3:15 pm by kerry
I am in Hollywood -- what an amazing life I have been privileged to have!
05/27/12 @ 3:15 pm by kerry
You go Kerry!!!!
05/27/12 @ 3:29 pm by signaturesweetskim
Oh you should see my little green face of envy!!! Lucky you!!!!
05/27/12 @ 3:36 pm by Sally Hackney
That's proper celeb like! Lol. Hope you're having fun Mrs V!!
05/27/12 @ 3:54 pm by Justin Lynch
how cool is that!
05/27/12 @ 3:59 pm by Christine Flinn
It is fun -- not big noting, just sharing!
05/27/12 @ 4:46 pm by kerry
Whoo hoo! Very cool!
05/27/12 @ 6:15 pm by cakesbycarla
I think I missed why you were there! but how fun would that be to have that experience!
05/27/12 @ 8:10 pm by Dianne Holgate
I missed why you were there toooooo....??
05/27/12 @ 11:00 pm by Debbie Blucher
White Room?
05/28/12 @ 12:10 am by partyart101
you deserve it all ,,,,
05/27/12 @ 3:25 pm by Helen Williams
I hope I'm still one of your people!
05/27/12 @ 3:26 pm by Ron Allison
Yes, Ron, you are my people!
05/27/12 @ 4:48 pm by kerry
Books sales are still going on and they still want to know where you are! Go figure; you left an impression on the sales people; they thought you were one cool lady. FYI; you hairdresser and I are good friends; didn't realize it until he said we looked good on TV; he's a great guy.
05/27/12 @ 4:55 pm by Ron Allison
That's just too cool. :-)
05/27/12 @ 11:19 pm by davidwsaunders
Taping White Room Challenge for HGTV, just got back to the hotel, was a great day, saw Tracy and Whitney, Tracy Wohlgenant, Whitney Hodack as well as Sarah and Grant was like old home week. Was a fun show -- no don't ask any questions, cos I can't answer. The jacaranda trees are spectacular and in flower, such a beautiful color! Feet up now!
05/27/12 @ 11:49 pm by kerry
Yes Ron, it was funny, I went to have my hair cut and he told me he knew you, guess he saw us on TV when we did the promotion.
05/28/12 @ 12:27 am by kerry
Transforming an empty white room into something artistic according to the designated theme of the show.
05/28/12 @ 12:30 am by kerry
Oh boy, can't wait to find out what this is all about....can you tell us how long that would be??
05/28/12 @ 3:36 am by Debbie Blucher
05/28/12 @ 3:50 am by Debbie Blucher
with a cherry on top?
05/28/12 @ 3:50 am by Debbie Blucher
Wow!!! How cool! I can say I had my picture taken with a Hollywood celeb!!!
05/28/12 @ 7:13 am by cakeswithcharacter
So lovely to see you, Kerry Vincent! You were FABULOUS.
05/28/12 @ 2:30 am by Tracy Wohlgenant
I am not sure when this episode will air, but the show is on air right now, probably a few months before it shows up.
05/28/12 @ 9:45 am by kerry
05/28/12 @ 10:55 am by Sandys Sweets
Sound awesome Kerry. Cant wait to watch the episode!!!
05/28/12 @ 12:11 pm by signaturesweetskim
It is different!
05/28/12 @ 12:44 pm by kerry
Oh boy....can't wait :-)
05/28/12 @ 2:34 pm by Debbie Blucher
They will tell me when it gets ready to air, so will let you know.
05/28/12 @ 4:01 pm by kerry
It was so great to see you again Kerry!!
05/28/12 @ 1:06 pm by Whitney Hodack
Did you happen to take any pictures of the trees? Just curious. Such a charmed life!!
05/28/12 @ 11:53 pm by TraciiVCL
Yes, love, just got home from the airport promise I will post tomorrow!
05/29/12 @ 12:07 am by kerry
I am tired!
05/29/12 @ 12:07 am by kerry
Yes, I did, just got in from the airport, am tired will post tomorrow -- they were lovely.
05/28/12 @ 11:56 pm by kerry
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01/05/12 @ 7:40 pm
The official notice was sent as follows. Predinner drinks commence at 6.00pm and guests are seated for dinner at 7.00pm. The Australian Commissioner to the Americas Victor Perton will meet you for a pre dinner drink at 5.30pm to give you time to chat first. You will then walk over to the red carpet with him at about 6.15pm and that will give you time to greet friends and fans and then make it through to the main ballroom. The last people onto the carpet are the three honorees and they normally step on t
I hope those who live in the LA area are able to join the crowd and represent cake artists across America that are too far away!
01/05/12 @ 7:41 pm by kerry
oh blast -- FT shrunk my statement -- step onto thered carpet at 6.40 p.m.
01/05/12 @ 7:54 pm by kerry
OMG!!!! Congrats Kerry!!!!! Well deserved! We will be watching! Sory I haven't been husband had a bad Holiday season and just had emergency I have been playing nurse. Anyways...Any thoughts on the dress you will be wearing? You will have to keep us posted and post pictures. Love you and we are SO SO PROUD of you!!!!!
01/05/12 @ 8:00 pm by kakesbykaren
PS - Any chance you will ever have your own show? My dream would be to see you as a "Kerry, The Intervention show" A show were you go surprise us as we are working and critique all of our work. Like a Tabatha Hair Salon...but much better...with you" Hugs!
01/05/12 @ 8:02 pm by kakesbykaren
What a great idea-- I will suggest it!
01/05/12 @ 8:03 pm by kerry
So sorry Karen glad things are getting better..
01/05/12 @ 8:04 pm by kerry
Thank you for the well my husband but he is quite stubborn...just removed his butterfly stitching because he thought there was real stitching under them...OMG! I had to run and get some more to cover his wounds...I have aged 10 years in three days :-)
01/05/12 @ 8:10 pm by kakesbykaren
In regards to the show...At the end you can give them instead of a bakery/studio remodeling job..your sponsors could give them a new oven, a fondant roller, or something you would think they could use. Believe it or not, we have have our days when we go: "If Kerry were to walk, what would she say?" and that is when we get reassurance that maybe we are doing things right or maybe we need to change.
01/05/12 @ 8:14 pm by kakesbykaren
That is so cool !!! I will send my little sister who lives in LA...she is a young rock star in the making !
01/05/12 @ 8:14 pm by lgreene33
Congrats Kerry! That sounds amazing and fun!
01/05/12 @ 8:16 pm by Liz Marek
Lordy, you need handcuffs Karen!
01/05/12 @ 8:16 pm by kerry
I know :-). I day dream a lot :-)...It can be a blessing or a curse ;-). you may want to ask Edna :-).
01/05/12 @ 8:24 pm by kakesbykaren
Aww. Karen...I think about you everyday...I dont like to bug you, but I get so worried about all you been through!! You know I am a txt or a call away!
01/05/12 @ 8:33 pm by Edna De la Cruz
So excited for you Kerry! You do deserve it. Wish I was in LA, I would be there with a foam spatula with a kerry's #1 on it. lol. I am with Karen on the idea, but not sure how you can help us little people who don;t have shops. Congrats again.
01/05/12 @ 8:44 pm by takesthecake
We will find something
01/05/12 @ 8:50 pm by kerry
Hey Dawn...Maybe the show does both...visits bakers/designers and help them better themselves and some other episodes makes dreams come true :-). Like the Christmas special give away.
01/05/12 @ 8:54 pm by kakesbykaren
I always loved the idea of a program that helps the people that are starting. Like learn how to make a specific cake for a certain celebration. Or even a competition made for newbies..
01/05/12 @ 8:57 pm by Edna De la Cruz
Karen husbands are good for aging us like that , wishing a speedy recovery for your husband and hang in there. :)
01/05/12 @ 9:15 pm by Sandys Sweets
I know Kerry, I can come and be your assistant. You can dictate orders to me!!!!
01/05/12 @ 9:18 pm by takesthecake
How about a show were bakers are paired up with different cake celebrities for a day to accomplish their dream cake project... We just want Kerry with her own show...Like a cake library...people could buy the shows too and have their own cake encylopedia at the end of the year... Like buying the whole season package.... OMG! this is what sugar and lack of sleep does to me :-). PS - I am on fantourage while I am writting an article for a magazine...Crazy world!
01/05/12 @ 9:29 pm by kakesbykaren are so right ;-). lol!
01/05/12 @ 9:30 pm by kakesbykaren
You are on a roll Karen!
01/05/12 @ 10:52 pm by kerry
thats great
01/06/12 @ 5:36 am by chrisf
What an honor Kerry!!! i too wish I was in LA to see this up close and in person!! great ideas Karen!! Wouldn;t that be something to see all of that become reality!!
01/06/12 @ 6:13 am by cakeswithcharacter
Congrats Kerry, I know we are all waiting to hear about the event.
01/06/12 @ 8:57 am by redtiaraprincess
You will look magnificent!!
01/06/12 @ 9:32 am by Sally Hackney
Love the show ideas. You could come visit we who are struggling and give us help on how to get our businesses up and running.
01/06/12 @ 9:39 am by Sally Hackney
shades of Irvine!
01/06/12 @ 9:47 am by kerry
At my age itis a bit hard to look magnificent, but I will try.
01/06/12 @ 9:52 am by kerry
Congratulations Mrs. V! I hope you have a great time at the gala!
01/06/12 @ 1:04 pm by Justin Lynch
Justin did you get my e-mail?
01/06/12 @ 1:14 pm by kerry
I hope you wear a dazzling sparkly gown. Would a tiara be totally inappropriate? God knows you have earned the right to wear a crown! I say go for it! You will always be our cake royalty! Go wow them, Kerry!
01/06/12 @ 1:28 pm by bonnie
Just replied Kerry!
01/06/12 @ 1:29 pm by Justin Lynch
Are you going to take someone with you? What a fantastic time this will be!! Karen I think I just had a heart attack reading that!
01/06/12 @ 2:19 pm by TraciiVCL
It is going to be fun.
01/06/12 @ 2:24 pm by kerry
I totally and completely LOVE the idea of Kerry having her own should Happen!!
01/07/12 @ 4:26 am by Debbie Blucher
totally should have her own show!
06/18/12 @ 8:27 am by Tiona Spade Spade
Thank you Debbie and Tiona! Love your enthusiam.
06/18/12 @ 10:54 pm by kerry about it then!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo
06/19/12 @ 4:39 am by Debbie Blucher
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07/23/12 @ 11:04 am
Sorry I was not in touch yesterday, I had a little accident and ended up in the emergency room yesterday for hours and was quite tired when I got home. Had a late start this morning but am feeling better.
My Goodness kerry What Happened. Are you going to be ok
07/23/12 @ 11:33 am by rje53
Hope you're okay???? By little hoping its nothing serious!??
07/23/12 @ 11:42 am by cakeswithcharacter
speed recovery, Kerry
07/23/12 @ 11:56 am by englishrose
Sending good thoughts...
07/23/12 @ 12:04 pm by partyart101
jeeze, I hope you are alright Kerry!!
07/23/12 @ 12:40 pm by flameorigin
Well girl...don't leave us gosh....what in the world happened? You know we will all be worried about you.
07/23/12 @ 1:25 pm by Sally Hackney
Sure hope you are OK!
07/23/12 @ 2:07 pm by cakedesire
Kerry, I hope you are alright. I almost call you to see if Doug was going to attend the EAA in WI this week. Let us know how you are doing. Hugs my friend.
07/23/12 @ 3:19 pm by redtiaraprincess
I hope you take it easy for a couple of days! and i hope you are well!
07/23/12 @ 3:36 pm by Dianne Holgate
Saying a prayer for you and a speedy recovery. Dianne is right, PLEASE take some time to rest and re cooperate.
07/23/12 @ 5:01 pm by ivyj2
Hoping you are ok and rest indeed !
07/23/12 @ 6:42 pm by Sandys Sweets
Oh that doesn't sound good. Hope you didn't break anything!!! Feel better soon!
07/23/12 @ 7:58 pm by TraciiVCL
Thank you all, slept all afternoon going bakc to bed will check in tomorrow! nighty night!
07/23/12 @ 8:24 pm by kerry
Yes Doug is going Wednesday Katharine.
07/23/12 @ 8:24 pm by kerry
Awww Kerry I hope you are feeling better!
07/24/12 @ 9:06 am by signaturesweetskim
Feeling better and getting about today!
07/24/12 @ 10:16 am by kerry
Yes Doug will be at Osh Kosh with cousin Delia
07/24/12 @ 10:18 am by kerry
Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts they are much appreciated.
07/24/12 @ 10:18 am by kerry
Nothing broken Tracii, no worries there.
07/24/12 @ 10:19 am by kerry
Feel better for the rest I must say.
07/24/12 @ 10:20 am by kerry
I will be fine, sorry to be a bit cryptic, but evn though we are all friends here, I am trying to keep my health issues off the Internet, information posted follows one into infinity. When I see you will tell just don;t feel like posting in a public place. I hope you all understand.
07/24/12 @ 11:24 am by kerry
We do understand Kerry and hope you are doing well. Rest is the name of the game!!!
07/24/12 @ 12:31 pm by Sally Hackney
Thank you Sally!
07/24/12 @ 1:07 pm by kerry
I understand Kerry and I respect your privacy. Hope your doing better.
07/24/12 @ 1:14 pm by rje53
Thanks love! If I knew all of your e-mail addresses I would write and explain, but I don't, so appreciate your good wishes, if I see you at ICES will tell there.
07/24/12 @ 2:30 pm by kerry
Hope you feel better soon Mrs V! Rest up!
07/24/12 @ 3:27 pm by Justin Lynch
I am glad you are ok :)
07/25/12 @ 2:25 pm by Brian Shockley
Glad that you are alright. Big hugs. ((?))
07/25/12 @ 4:59 pm by Janell Deal
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06/15/11 @ 12:00 pm
lol! I <3 cake
You need Flash player 8 and JavaScript enabled to view this video
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If you've seen the Eharmony cat video - you've got to watch this!
06/15/11 @ 12:01 pm by kaat
06/15/11 @ 12:03 pm by TraciiVCL
I can't see it!! Have to wait till I get back on my laptop.
06/15/11 @ 12:22 pm by hautestuff
06/15/11 @ 1:11 pm by Ondine Coetser
LMAO. I think she likes cake!!!!!!!!!
06/15/11 @ 1:32 pm by Justin Lynch
GED grad and EMO about cake (eating it)?????? I'd need to run too if i was that emo about cake consumption! Imma start a foundation to feed this woman MORE cake!
06/15/11 @ 1:38 pm by PapiCakes
Start baking Ya'll..... She NEEDS a cake fix! Before that marathon, yanno?
06/15/11 @ 1:39 pm by PapiCakes
This lady deserves an Academy Award, is completely nuts or the PERFECT customer.
06/15/11 @ 1:55 pm by paulartedibles it!, Had to share
06/15/11 @ 2:06 pm by Edna De la Cruz
WOW! She's pretty passionate about...CAKE!!!! LOL!!!
06/15/11 @ 6:13 pm by hautestuff
Funny and odd, I think she eats way to much cake. Is this for real, is she looking for a date. If there is a cake guy out there please roll around in cake with her - LOL she said it.
06/15/11 @ 6:30 pm by redtiaraprincess
Oh My Gosh she LOVES CAKES!!!!!!!!!! LOL
06/15/11 @ 7:33 pm by Sandys Sweets
This is a perfectly done mockery of the E-Harmony Cat video. I can't believe she held her self in check without laughing for the whole video. Go to YouTube and look for the original cat one... it will make this one even more hilarious to you. Thanks for posting it Kaat! I love it and will share it on FB if you don't mind.
06/16/11 @ 7:02 am by bonnie
omg epic
06/18/12 @ 8:31 am by Tiona Spade Spade