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Kerry Vincent
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  60 pts
Yesterday @ 2:56 am
Good morning all! I have been having issues getting in here again; this is the first time I've had access in a few days. I'd like to pass on my condolences to Sandy and her family, please know that we are all thinking of you! On the job fornt here... I have another meeting next Wednesday where they will undertake a skills matrix to evaluate who will be more suitable for the technician post (the post I already do) and hopefully by the end of next week it will all be resolved, after a very long four and a hal
I'm glad Sandy knows we care. I know we all feel helpless as to what to say but her knowing we care I pray will bring her comfort. Good luck next Wednesday. At least you will know something. fingers crossed!!!
Yesterday @ 8:15 am by Sally Hackney
Crossing my fingers for you on the job situation. Yes, it is very sad news regarding Sandy and her family. Lets keep them in our prayers.
Yesterday @ 6:14 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
  45 pts
Thursday @ 12:54 pm
Morning all. I'm sure we are all saddened by the awful news about Sandy's son. What an incredible loss. Sandy if you happen to come here please know we all are devastated for you and love you so much. I wish there were words to help but the only one I can think of is "love". We have so much of that for you.
Sending lots of thoughts to the family!
Yesterday @ 2:52 am by Justin Lynch
  35 pts
Thursday @ 10:06 pm
I just stopped by to drop a note to Sandy. If you happen to pop in, please know I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing okay. Love to you and yours.
I agree Carla. Wish we could do more.
Yesterday @ 8:14 am by Sally Hackney
  35 pts
08/15/14 @ 12:21 am
Sorry I have been missing again, first couldn't get into FT, then was at the ICES convention, it was very quiet! Now busy getting the final plans sorted for the sugar art show.
Very time consuming, and I have just recovered and I am fine, from a broken ankle and a broken wrist. Has been very frustrating.
08/15/14 @ 12:22 am by kerry
Good greif girl...what in the world did you do to yourself?? Ouch!!! I think we've all been remiss in posting and the site has been down for some reason. I hope you aren't having to get around on crutches...I hate those things.
08/15/14 @ 8:26 am by Sally Hackney
Kerry, I am so sorry to hear that. Are you going to have help sorting everyting? I know you are very hands on.
08/15/14 @ 9:26 am by kathredtiaraprincess
I have passed the 7 weeks magic number for the joints knitting , but not up to full strength. I am sorting but a bit slower than usual Katharine, have been asking sponsrs to send a bit earlier to my load is gradual not everything hitting me all at once, It is stressful lifting.
08/15/14 @ 10:29 am by kerry
so not to above.
08/15/14 @ 10:29 am by kerry
Sorry to hear of your injuries, hope they will continue to strengthen and you'll be back up to speed again soon.
08/15/14 @ 12:36 pm by janell
Kerry, sounds like you've been in the wars! Hopefully you will be back to full health soon! A lot of rest isn't possible for you, especially this time of the year, but just take your time!
Yesterday @ 2:50 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
08/14/14 @ 11:47 pm
Oops I forgot to add the photo dummy me! You have to guess the weight of the sprinkles and send to the g-mail address.
I had one of these in my prizes last year. I am still to use it yet, but I shall let you know what I do. It looks great!
Yesterday @ 2:49 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
08/15/14 @ 8:28 am
Happy Friday all! Well...I've gotten several pieces from garage sales and I've painted some of them and my little tiny duplex is starting to come together. It's actually starting to feel like home. I'm feeling pretty good about things and hope this trend continues. Hope you have a good, safe weekend!!
I love decorating with things I found, sounds like it is really nice.
08/15/14 @ 9:22 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Hi Sally! Glad that you are feeling positive there, here's hoping for some more good things to come your way!
Yesterday @ 2:51 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
08/15/14 @ 9:28 am
Friday morning and I need a boost of energy. one cake to finish for the weekend and then I can go back to my projects. Yikes where is the time going?
Hi Kath! How's your OSSAS project coming along?
Yesterday @ 2:52 am by Justin Lynch
  10 pts
Yesterday @ 6:16 pm
Hi to all my Cake Junkies, I am taking a late in the day break, working on my nieces wedding then off to touch up the house after I am done here. Guest from out of town will be arriving sometime afer midnight. Have a great weekend and lets keep Sandy and her family in our prayers.