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Kerry Vincent
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  85 pts
Wednesday @ 9:38 am
Hi folks. I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am that I stumbled upon this little group years ago. Thanks for always being there for me even though we are many miles apart. Love you guys! Sugar hugs!
Back at 'ya Carla. I don't come here as often as I used to and I don't think anyone else does either. Don't know why for sure. I know my life got off track and I just didn't feel like posting anywhere. I so hope your book deal comes thru and the baby gets better. I have freind in Austin who had a book published a few years back. She said there are a lot of publisher deals out there that are scammy. The one she used was one of them so be careful.
Wednesday @ 9:45 am by Sally Hackney
I agree, we don't come here as much any more, but we always know that when we do, we can rely on some sounds advice and a set of ears to listen to what we have to say! I will always be grateful for the people I've met through this page! :-)
Wednesday @ 11:14 am by Justin Lynch
We know you have been really busy with the move, new job, book and most important your family. It is a juggling act.
Wednesday @ 12:03 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
  85 pts
Sunday @ 6:42 am
Good morning all! Sorry I haven't been in for a while, I'm just not myself at the moment. The work saga continues. I did have my second interview the week before last, but I still have to wait. This could possibly go on 'til September now. Any way, I'm trying to keep myself busy with a few cake projects, I just wish it was my OSSAS piece that I was creating. I will keep the design I had in mind for next year; I WILL be there whatever! Hope everyone is keeping well! The weather is being really good to us
Justin...I'm so sorry. Waiting sucks!! I, too, will be waiting until next year for OSSAS. It saddens me but we have to do what we have to do! XXX
Sunday @ 3:36 pm by Sally Hackney
Good Morning Justin, I am sorry that you are still waiting on word from the Uni, the waiting is the worst. It is very difficult wanting to attend OSSA and finding that you are unable. I went thru that a few time and I understand how you feel. Listen to what I tell my son, chin up and one step in front of the other with the focus on what is ahead of you. Have a great day.
Monday @ 8:52 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Sorry to hear it. This has got be be so stressful. Sending positive vibes!
Tuesday @ 3:56 pm by cakesbycarla
Thanks all! This is a very supportive little group here! I appreciate it! :-)
Wednesday @ 11:11 am by Justin Lynch
  85 pts
Yesterday @ 9:38 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, I am sitting on my backside thinking my pillow needs me more than this kitchen stool needs my butt. My cup is out of espresso, time to refill and get busy. Happy day to everyone.
Have a great day Katherine!
Yesterday @ 9:54 am by janell
LOL! You're cracking me up. Hope you have a great day!
Yesterday @ 11:08 am by cakesbycarla
Some mornings are just too difficult to get out of bed!
Yesterday @ 6:10 pm by Justin Lynch
  60 pts
Tuesday @ 3:55 pm
Sorry I've been MIA. I am busy lately as it sounds like all of you are too. I am looking forward to school starting in about two weeks. I have a lot of revision to do on my manuscript and can't wait to having some time in the afternoons to work on it while the kiddos are at school.
Well hello little missy! Good to hear from you again. How is the job going? Have you started marketing your book to publishers yet or do you wait until you have all the revisions done? is your little niece doing? I think of her often and of course of your sister as well.
Tuesday @ 4:03 pm by Sally Hackney
Hi Sally! No I'm not submitting yet. I'm in the middle of a rewrite. After I have it perfected as much as humanly possible then I will submitt it. Since I'm a newbie I'll be submitting to more than one agent and hope one of them will say Yes to representing me. Right now I'm researching agents. I'm making a list of ones looking for my genre. It's kinda scary but if I don't try I'll never know if I can do it.
Wednesday @ 9:32 am by cakesbycarla
Update on my niece, she is finally home. She still has a feeding tube inserted because she doesn't always want to take a bottle (we're guessing because she has an intestinal issue and when she eats it hurts later so she doesn't want to eat). She is having another surgery soon for Heirshberger's (spelling?) syndrome. It' an intestinal disorder where the last bit of your intestines doesn't work. So they'll remove it and hopefully she'll be doing better after that.
Wednesday @ 9:36 am by cakesbycarla
Good luck on the book Carla, sounds to be coming along! Sending lots of thoughts out for your niece, hopefully she will be back to full health soon!
Wednesday @ 11:12 am by Justin Lynch
  60 pts
Wednesday @ 11:22 am
Morning all. Hope your Wednesday is going well. I have got to get myself involved in something productive. This sitting around is killing me. I don't think my spine will allow me to go out and get a most of the ones I could get hired for would require standing and I just can't stand for a long time. Even a part time job would still require standing (like a bakery job). Anyway...need to get involved in something.
Morning Sally, getting out of the house is just what you need. Do they have areas were people go, clubs to join or can you start a cake of the month club? It is a group of cakers who have a theme for the month and have a meeting to cover what they did and learned.
Wednesday @ 12:05 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Hi Sally. I'm sure you'll find something suitable soon. Keep looking!
Yesterday @ 6:09 pm by Justin Lynch
  50 pts
07/24/14 @ 8:39 am
Happy Thursday all. Happy to report my liittle "Winston" has settled in nicely. He's so grateful ...he sits in my lap and just stares at me like..."wow...I love you". I'm so lucky!!! Hiding him from the landlord is a scary thing but I just take it one day at a time. Hope you have a good productive day.
Glad you are enjoying him. Sally, see if you can find one of those blue covers they use for therapy dogs,
07/24/14 @ 8:45 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Hi Sally! Is Winston a Bulldog or a Pug? Both have lots of character. Hope you're settling in nicely back down in Texas!
Sunday @ 6:44 am by Justin Lynch
Good idea Kath. Glad you have someone to keep you company Sally. He sounds really sweet!
Tuesday @ 3:57 pm by cakesbycarla
  50 pts
07/24/14 @ 8:41 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, I woke this morning to 40 something, it was great sleeping weather. Today, a good friend is picking up her 60th birthday cake, little does she know, her husband is having a party on Saturday and she is getting another cake. How fun is that? Have a great day.
Must be nice to have a husband who cares.....
07/24/14 @ 9:28 am by Sally Hackney
Hi Kath! I made a 60th birthday cake last week, only a simple cake, but free reign cakes are great. You just sit in front of it and play!
Sunday @ 6:43 am by Justin Lynch
Awesome! I love keeping fun secrets like that.
Tuesday @ 3:56 pm by cakesbycarla
  35 pts
Wednesday @ 12:07 pm
Hi Cakers, working on my OSSA project and still training our little intern. She is coming along and learning far better than I thought. It is a great day and we can't beat the weather we are having. Enjoy your day
Good luck on the OSSAS project Kath!
Yesterday @ 6:10 pm by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
07/21/14 @ 10:03 am
Morning all. Went to my high school reunion this weekend. It was so fun to see all my old classmates. made me realize how old I actually am. I looked around and I was in a room with a lot of old, gray-haired folks. Whaaat?? How did that happen??? Hope you have a great week!
Sally, my gram always said age is a number. She met a lot of people along the way who were younger than she was, but older because they chose to be old. You choose young that is why we love you.
07/21/14 @ 2:48 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Well put Kath. Glad you had fun Sally.
07/21/14 @ 8:56 pm by cakesbycarla
You look great Sally!
Sunday @ 6:49 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
07/21/14 @ 8:58 pm
Summer finally made it's way to us. It is hot! We were actually sort of chilly here last week and now we are sweating to death and have the AC on. Oh well. I haven't had to spend much on AC yet so I'm okay with it. Hope you're all keeping cool!
So good to see you post little one. How's life going girl?? As to the weather ....we are supposed to hit the triple digits the rest of the week.
07/21/14 @ 9:28 pm by Sally Hackney
Hi Carla, I know what you mean about the AC last month was the first time our electic at home was below $200. Mike's hot tub suck a lot of electricity. Today we will have super high humidity and heat until the rain comes in. Have a great day kiddo
07/22/14 @ 10:58 am by kathredtiaraprincess
Hi Carla! AC is something that we don't have to invest in for homes here; summers are so hit and miss it's just not worth it! It's nice when you walk into a store that has AC though! Other than that, it's just a little fan to keep me cool... when I need it!
Sunday @ 6:48 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
07/23/14 @ 8:22 am
Morning all. I have an interesting story. There is a man I went to school with in Sundown that we had all lost track of. Seems he went to Vietnam and became a helicopter pilot. When he got back to the states he went to California and got into the movie scene. He was piloting the helicopter that crashed on the set of the Twilight Zone movie that killed Vic Morrow and two kids. It wasn't his fault as the pyrotechnic group misfired and it hit the tail of the copter and it went down. He had to go thru a len
Hi Sally, please finish the story, somehow it was cut off.
07/23/14 @ 7:16 pm by kathredtiaraprincess
Oh...sorry. He had to go thru a lengthy court battle but ultimatly was exonerated as it was due to the pyrotechnic team that misfired and shot the tail off the helicopter. Since all the control of the copter is in the tail he had no control and it crashed. The anniversary was just a couple of days ago. He said he stays awake all night on those dates.
07/24/14 @ 8:36 am by Sally Hackney
What a story! Something that was out of his control.
Sunday @ 6:46 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
07/22/14 @ 11:01 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, I had been racking my brain for a table covering for OSSA, I had one part but the rest was going to take time. I decided to just order a royal blue table cloth w/sashes. $25. w/shipping versus driving, shopping, measuring & sewing. I will have a few extra minutes to do something else. Happy Day.
Good move girl! Sounds perfect. Wish I was going to be there to see it! Take pictures for me!
07/22/14 @ 2:10 pm by Sally Hackney
Sounds like you had a good deal there Kath! Now I would struggle with a table covering if I ever entered the GNWC section; I can't sew! Lol.
Sunday @ 6:47 am by Justin Lynch
  25 pts
07/23/14 @ 9:55 am
Good Morning Cake Junkies, Today is Wednesday, July 23rd, where has the year gone thus far, I want it back (at least 20 days). We are back to 70's today and it is a great day. Enjoy yours.
Wow...temps are still outrageous here. I won't complain though as I remember in December I was begging for heat.
07/24/14 @ 8:37 am by Sally Hackney
Kath, this year is going way too fast!
Sunday @ 6:45 am by Justin Lynch