How Do People Use Smartphones Nowadays?

The number of smartphone users keeps increasing every day since the past few years, and it won’t stop! Given that mobile phones are now more affordable and come with hundreds of applications, they have become an important aspect of people’s daily lives. As per studies, out of 10 people, at least 7 of them own a mobile phone… and they use it all the time! But how are they using their smartphones?

As per comScore’s 2017 report, the average adult spends over 3 hours on their phone every day, which makes over 80 hours each month! And of course, college students or youngsters spend much more than that. But for what are they using it? Everything! People use their smartphones for entertainment, to connect with family and friends, to stay updated, for online shopping and for just everything else that they do. According to MediaKix, the top applications people spend time on are Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

Moreover, smartphones have now become the new tool for storage. People take more and more photos from their smartphones than with digital cameras as it makes it easier for them to share it. And the ‘selfie’ era is another reason why smartphones cannot be lived without- as per a UK report, 1.2 billion selfies have been taken in the past months. And, with the latest features like instant clicks or live videos, smartphones are indispensable tools! As a matter of fact, 34% of adults check their phones as soon as they wake up while 42% of smartphone users check their phones at dinner table.

Studies have shown that the average person will daily spend 40 minutes on YouTube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram and 10 minutes on Twitter. But of course, these time lapses vary from person to person, as others prefer to stay more connected. These simple statistics make us realise how the use of smartphones have changed over the years. From a simple tool to communicate, it has now become a device to experience the whole world from your hands. For instance, you can find enjoyment on your mobile phone by simply accessing Give Back Bingo. This online bingo site adapts to mobile phone for the enjoyment of anyone. You just need to load the site and it will automatically fit the display of your screen, no matter which phone you are using.

The time people spend on their mobile phones means the same for all types of businesses. As things are changing, it is in anyone’s interests to adapt to the technological changes. And thus, we can’t deny that smartphones are also a tool of work for many business persons. Even though the stats vary from country to country, many businessmen use their smartphones for calls, emails, texts and instant messengers. Many business people also use their phones to access social media platforms to boost their businesses. Given that potential customers are more into mobile applications or social media platforms, businesses take the same lead to gain more clients.

Smartphones will be the best tool for some people… until the next big thing comes around!

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