Getting A Blog Off The Ground

Quick Tips

If you want to start a blog then you need to make sure that you get all of the basics right. You may be full of ideas and have aspirations as to what it may do for you in the future. However, it is really important to make sure that you maximise your chances to be successful.

Choose a Domain

Before you start you need to think carefully about the domain name. It is good to have one related to what the blog is about but you need to consider that you may change the theme slightly or expand it and so you need to think about the future when planning it as well as now. You need to consider whether it is something that will work.

Get the right Template

If you have web design skills then it will be easy for you to make the design right. Otherwise you may decide to use a company that provides everything that you need for you. Something like Blogger or WordPress may be considered. There are many options for these and you need to decide whether these are right for you considering your expertise and what you want to achieve. It is worth reading reviews of all of the popular platforms and considering what will fulfil your needs the best.

Have lots of relevant content

Once you have set the basics up you need to make sure that you have lots of relevant content. Search engines like lots of content in order to get you listed and so you need to give them what they want. It will also be useful for visitors to have a lot of information to look at. Make sure that you have something about yourself and an introduction to the blog and then have loads of articles. Try to have some categories that you split things into, to make it easier to find articles. Having a search facility is also useful.

Register with Search Engines

Once you have got some content on your blog you are ready to register it with search engines, although you can do this as soon as you have a domain as it will take time for search engines to process your request. You will know of the obvious search engines, but it is also worthwhile registering with some more obscure search engines and directories as well. People use all sorts and it is good to make sure that you give as many people as possible the opportunity to find your site as possible.

Get onto social media

It is really important these days to connect with social media. Most businesses use it as a way of promotion. It is relatively easy to set up a page and you can set up a system where each new blog article you post will automatically get posted on your social media page. You can post other things too and it is good to like things and comment on other pages as your business page as you may pick up more followers this way. You should also share your page and every post through your personal social media account and ask kind friends and family to do the same thing. Also make sure that website visitors know of your social media page too.

Use domain name a lot

Whether you are sending emails, posting on social media, posting on forums or guest blogging, make sure that you use your domain name. Get it out there as much as you possibly can. This will not only help search engines to place the site higher but also will encourage more people to visit the site. If they see the domain a lot it will also become familiar to them.

Swap links or reviews

It can be useful to swap links with similar sites or even swap site reviews with them. This can help you both out and you will hopefully both gain visitors to your website this way. It is wise to choose a site that is similar to yours but not identical.

Comment on similar blogs

It can be useful to visit similar blogs and comment on them. Use a link to your blog as your signature when commenting and this may help to send some traffic your way. Having the site linked to from a relevant site will also help you to gain favour with search engines.

Use Google Analytics to target content

It is wise to use Google Analytics to check who is visiting your site and how long they are staying for. It can also be wise to see where they came from and if they came from search engines which search terms they used. You can then use that information to target future visitors. Publish more articles using commonly searched for terms and try to target those that are visiting the site. Look at the pages they are looking at most and try to write more content like that on those pages.

Mailing list

It can be a good idea to get people to sign up to a mailing list. This will allow you to be able to target them if you want to. Sending reminders to revisit the site or details of anything you might be doing, selling or promoting could encourage them to the site and increase visits.

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