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Determining the Ads to Show on Wall Mounted TVs

Using a wall mounted TV for advertising your business is a good idea. It is a simple advertising strategy that targets local audiences. There are two ways to advertise using a wall mounted TV. You may set up your own TV in a specific location or you can just rent a TV screen that has already been setup.

The advantage of having your own screen is that you can decide which information to place and how often you will have the ads played. The problem is that you need to find the right place in which the TV can be set up. You also have to pay for the TV and the wall mount. As long as you can find the right location, it won’t be a big problem. You can advertise for as long as you want and change the content as frequently as possible. Operating the TV and the ads that are shown will be under your total control.

Renting TV space on the other hand is cheaper. You just have to pay the operator. Usually, the TV screens are much bigger and the location is more strategic. They have already bought the best TV mount so you won’t have to worry about it. You just have to sign an agreement and they will show the ads that you want to be shown. Of course, you have to share air time with other companies that have decided to use the same strategy.

Either way, it is fine as long as you have thoroughly thought about the options. The more important thing to do is decide what kind of ads to show to the public. This is something that you must give deeper consideration to. You can’t just put out an ad that is not thoroughly vetted. You have to select the right information that people need to know. You should also decide how long the ads will be and what information must be prioritised. You may also create several ads so that people won’t get bored.

Choosing the right ads

When deciding what ads to show, you may go for a more traditional route of using animated characters and text. If you can afford to pay for models, you may also use them for another ad. Since this will be displayed in public, you can’t expect people to appreciate any sound effects. The area might be too large and crowded. Therefore, you have to rely on the visual impact to attract attention. Don’t focus too much on the sound.

Once you have decided what kind of information to provide, track the progress of the strategy and find ways to improve it in the future.

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