Cool Accessories for Your Laptop

With so many feature-packed laptops currently on the market and selling like hotcakes, technology enthusiasts can be forgiven for thinking that laptop accessories have become somewhat superfluous. There are however, some excellent accessories available these days and no, they’re not just advanced webcams or peripheral devices along those lines, but really cool accessories that even the most skeptical technophiles can’t get enough of – here are four of the best.

Back it up – Home,office or on the road

Ok, so backup devices are hardly exciting for most computer users, unless you’ve experienced problems in the past and have long been looking for the answer to your backup dreams, but they are however, essential items that could save you a lot of time, effort, and if you use your laptop for work – money too.

There’s some excellent backup devices on the market at the moment, among them a wide range of external, lightweight, portable hard drives like CMS Products’ ABSplus drives that weigh a barely noticeable 7 ounces – and they’re fully bootable too.

These are currently available in 20GB through to 80GB models.


Pitches that impress – Wireless presentation controller

We’ve seen many people using tablets for presentations and product pitches with great success, but what if you’re attached to your laptop and have little desire to invest in a tablet as well?

The Logitech Cube could very well be the accessory that you’ve long been yearning for, because this tiny rectangular mouse doubles as a wireless presentation controller that’s perfect for pitches, presentations and many other applications – but that’s far from all that it has going for it. Its surface is also a touch-sensitive scroll pad and this conveniently sized mouse switches automatically from mouse mode to presentation mode when it’s lifted – now how’s that for impressive?

Although yet to hit the market, Logitech is currently taking pre-orders.

Logitech Cube

The ultimate docking experience – Enjoy clutter free work environment

Toshiba’s updated dynadock U3.0 is the perfect dock for those tired of cluttered desks and workstations. This revolutionary docking system eradicates desktop clutter, plus it also eliminates the inconvenience that comes with plugging and re-plugging cables and wires to hook up peripheral devices.

You can connect two external HD displays via DVI/VGA and HDMI ports, plus with two USB 2.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports, you can also charge your smartphone when your computer isn’t on – or even connected.

This is the perfect docking system for everyone with a laptop – not only fans of the Toshiba Satellite and Toshiba’s excellent range of laptops, but every laptop owner who’d love to rid their workstation of clutter.

Next generation mouse – The ergonomic pencil mouse

This revolutionary mouse looks and feels like a pen and it’s much easier, not to mention much more accurate and responsive, to use than a traditional mouse. Like many peripheral devices of this nature, the Penclic Mouse isn’t designed specifically for laptops, but if you’re tired of your laptop mouse pad as many are, then this just might be the mouse for you.

Next generation mouse

As many computer users have found – especially those who use a computer for work – it’s not only frustrating using a mouse that isn’t as responsive as you’d like, but all that incessant clicking and those unnecessary cursor movements are also responsible for Repetitive Strain Injuries.

That’ll be a thing of the past with this ground-breaking mouse however, since it helps to create a natural, relaxed working position by allowing your forearm to rest on the desk or work surface. This, and the comfortable pen grip, effectively contribute to reduce pain and therefore the risk of RSI occurring.

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