Budget iPhone –Comparison with iPhone 5

The word budget is going toe to toe with the word iPhone as the combination of both these words gives an upcoming Apple Low cost “Budget iPhone”. The interest of iPhone lovers, if not more than definitely not less, lies with this upcoming, expected to be Wallet friendly gadget. The reason that Budget iPhone is getting a tremendous attention is the Premium Price which comes with standard iPhone, therefore making it unaffordable to many Apple Lovers who wants to be in possession of one.

After seeing a bunch of leaked pictures of this Budget iPhone, it can be said that those gadget lovers who can not buy iPhone due to its high prices, can now buy this Budget iPhone to be associated with the Smartphone giant. But how will this budget iPhone look in comparison to current iPhone 5?? The latest Pictures leaked on internet gives quite a few ideas.

As seen in pictures, Budget iPhone is expected to of same height of iPhone 5. So it is being said that it will also have same screen size of 4.0 inches but the catch here is that we have not been able to see the screen side of this Budget iPhone in supposedly leaked pictures. So, the screen size of Budget iPhone can not be said surely to be same of iPhone 5.

Other noticeable changes are in the volume buttons which are longer & slimmer in Budget iPhone as opposed to iPhone 5?s round ones. The speaker grill is also said to be differently located in budget iPhone. It is not much far when we get to know the complete specifications of budget iPhone to know up-to what extent Apple will be able to capture growing smartphone markets.

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