The Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Apple iMac

As millions of satisfied fans, and more often than not, lifelong converts have discovered, Apple produces some of the best, most functional and sleekly designed computers, laptops and other technology in the world. However, whilst the quality of a brand new piece of Apple goodness, such as the iMac might be high there is a price tag to match.

With new iMac’s setting customers back for up to £1500, it’s little wonder that many prospective owners are exploring other options to get hold of an iMac. One such option is the opportunity of owning a refurbished iMac from Portable Universe. A refurbished computer is one which may have either been pre-owned or failed to pass factory standards and has been restored to the highest possible standards.

There are many benefits to opting for a refurbished iMac over a brand new option:


Of course, the largest factor which keeps customers choosing Portable Universe refurbished iMacs over brand new options is the cost factor. Even if the computer in question is seen as a work investment and will therefore earn back any money which is spent on it, there is little doubting the fact that £1500 (or thereabouts) is a hefty price for a piece of technology and few of us are in the fortunate position that we can simply find that kind of money.

However, what many customers have found is that by choosing a refurbished iMac, they could save as much as two-thirds on that cost – for a product with exactly the same specifications and capabilities.

Quality and Reliability

For many people, the idea of owning a computer which has a previous owner provides them with a problem. As much as they like the idea of a more economical choice, the prospect of a second hand machine and any related lack of quality and reliability is enough to put them off. what they fail to realise though is that the high quality standards demanded by Apple to anyone who refurbishes and resells their products is enough to ensure that the quality and reliability of the iMac or any other item of technology is as high, if not higher, than a brand new, factory certified product.

Statistics released by Apple show that the majority of Macs which have failed and needed either work or replacement by the company have done so in the first year of ownership. The benefit then to a customer choosing a refurbished product from Portable Universe is that the ticking one year clock no longer exists – giving the customer the benefit of knowing that their product will last and function as they wish it to.


Available with a one year warranty, together with the benefit of knowing that all modifications have been carried out to the highest possible standards, the list of specifications which are available with refurbished iMac’s together with the low price, ensure that a refurbished iMac is the best possible option for the savvy customer who knows what they want from a PC.

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