6 Best Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

Have you been reading up information from a tech news site lately? If not, then do not worry as I will be talking about the latest technology trends that will likely dominate in 2020.


Better Machine Learning

Machine learning is just a small subset of artificial intelligence. You might not know that it exists, but if you have been surfing the internet for quite some time now, it has actually taken effect a long time ago.

For example, have you ever stopped to wonder when you go to Amazon or Youtube and your suggested items are those that are related to what you have looked at previously?

Machine learning, to put it simply, is an implementation of artificial intelligence that provides meaningful suggestions to consumers. Of course, it can also be used in other things, but that is pretty much the gist of it from a consumer perspective.

The market is expected to become better and better. Some experts even predicted that the machine learning industry is expected to grow up to $8.80 billion come 2022.


The IoT Becoming Mainstream

You have probably heard of the term ‘IoT’ from trending tech news before, but if you haven’t, it is basically an acronym for the ‘Internet of Things’.

It is essentially a web of interconnected devices that goes beyond your computers and smartphones. Think about ‘smart’ devices such as smart TV, smart refrigerators, and so on.

While there are such devices already available on the market, slow internet speeds, as well as the price of those things, make it nearly impossible for the vast majority of people to get.

Fortunately, we can expect massive upgrades in global internet speeds and more affordable IoT devices in the near future.


Edge Computing Become More Prominent

While most of the popular services out there make use of cloud computing as a means of accessing and disseminating data, the technology itself has some downsides, particularly in areas where there is limited to no internet connectivity.

Edge computing is an emerging technology that was developed as a means of alleviating all of the problems brought about by cloud computing.

The technology is called as such because you can grasp data quickly and easily (hence, being ‘on the edge’). The technology is expected to ramp up by 2022.


Faster Browsers

A lot of people are using Google Chrome but there is also a small demographic that has stayed away from the said browser since it has become a resource hog. Fortunately, the competition is not far behind.

Firefox is set to incorporate new technologies that would make it better to use than Chrome in some areas, while Microsoft’s Edge browser makes it easier for mainstream users to access the web without any problems.


Improved Cybersecurity

Hackers have come up with some new ways to get access to your sensitive information. Cybersecurity is definitely not something new, but you can expect the industry to become better and better at handling zero-day threats.

Furthermore, people that are looking for jobs would be happy to know that the industry has a lot of job openings. How does a six-figure salary sound to you?


Voyage to Space

Ever since the successful moon landings in the past, aerospace technology hasn’t really improved, but that is set to change in the foreseeable future.

Private companies are pooling their resources to create space ships with various technologies to make space travel a whole lot easier.

SpaceX is set to be the standard-bearer on that front, while Blue Origin is not far behind.

It is always great to stay abreast of the trending tech news that is happening all over the world. As exciting as all of the technologies outlined in this article are, hopefully, they will be seen by many in the near future.

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