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5 Effective Business Automation Tips from WorkFusion

Running a business is definitely not an easy task. You and your entire workforce have plenty of tasks to perform on a daily basis and make sure that all your business operations run smoothly, so that you can effectively achieve your goals and turn your organization into a successful and profitable one. On top of that, you have to find a way to do things differently than the others in your niche and stand out from the competition.

All of that can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In order for your business to stay competitive, you should automate the processes that require a lot of time and money. Business automation is the best way to reduce your costs, save timeincrease efficiency and productivity, and significantly improve your operational performance.

We asked the Smart Process Automation (SPA) experts at WorkFusion for tips on business automation, and they provided us with some very effective pieces of advice. Here’s what they had to say.

Automate Your Repetitive Processes

You need to handle a lot of repetitive and time-consuming processes on a daily basis, as that way you will save your team a lot of time and help everyone stay focused on core competencies. They will considerably improve their efficiency and productivity and truly contribute to your organization’s success.

Moreover, automating repetitive processes, such as invoicing, accounting and payroll, and inventory management, will completely eliminate the risk of human error, which can be pretty expensive and negatively affect your bottom line.

This is the main reason why WorkFusion designed its intelligent automation software that is based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – to help businesses eliminate the need for people to perform repetitive work and improve operational performance.

Automate Your Marketing Activities


Marketing activities are some of the processes that can generate you the most ROI, which is why you should start automating them. For instance, handling a high volume of emails can be overwhelming and time-consuming, and automation can help you significantly enhance your email marketing strategy, as you can send automated responses, as well as automated newsletters and lead nurturing emails.

You should also automate your social media marketing activities, as then you can schedule automatic content sharing, monitor social mentions of your brand, recycle your top posts, curate content, sync your blog with your social media profiles, and much more.

Upgrade to an Automated CRM System

Maintaining effective communication with customers and prospects and keeping everyone in your organization on the same page when it comes to your customers’ needs and preferences is the absolute key to nurturing your leads and guiding them through every stage of your sales pipeline and towards the point of sale.

A CRM system that stores all your customer interactions in one location is precisely what will empower your team and help them increase conversions and sales. However, upgrading to an automated CRM will make a huge difference in their work.

They will no longer have to update customer information manually, so they will have much more time to do what they do best – build meaningful relationships with your customers and sell your company’s products or services.

Harness the Power of AI


AI is rapidly becoming mainstream and the sooner you embrace it, the sooner you will start reaping its amazing benefits and beat your competition. Utilizing AI-powered software to automate your business processes will help you make smarter business decisions and grow your company, as AI can sift through huge amounts of data and use Machine Learning to make sense of it all.

This means that you can automate judgment work on unstructured data and get accurate and insightful analytics and reports that will help you grow your business.

Furthermore, you can drastically enhance your customer service with AI-powered chatbots that will be available to your customers 24/7 and improve their experiences with your brand. They can also quickly fulfil back-office requests and reduce manual service efforts.

Monitor Workforce Performance through Automation

Integrating automation into your business can help you improve the performance of your entire workforce and take your business to a whole new level of success. This is because automation tools provide you with various real-time reports and analytics that can give you an insight into how well every process is being performed and by whom.

By monitoring your KPIs and metrics, you will know exactly which process may need adjustment and who in your team may need additional training, so that you can take proper steps for improvement and growth.

Follow these tips from the incredible WorkFusion team and take a huge step towards automating manual work, saving time and money, and optimizing human talent in your organization. Take a step towards intelligent automation that will lead to smart business decisions and consistent future growth.

If you want to learn more about WorkFusion and their way of powering the digital transformation of work, check out their impeccable software products and solutions for digital operations. WorkFusion’s resources are also very insightful, including reports, featured case studies, on-demand webinars, and videos on cognitive automation, as well as guides on automation and digital transformation that you can download for free, so be sure to check them out.

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