3 Easy Hacks for Your Pricey Gadgets

We love “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas, especially on days when we can’t seem to make anything, even a stupid remote control, work. There’s just something to be said for people who, instead of complaining about their first world problems, actually take the time to devise simple hacks that make things easier for almost everyone.  You know, like putting a small amount of water in a glass when you microwave pizza to keep the crust from getting chewy or using basic power plugs when your flathead screwdriver suddenly pulls a ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ trick on you. There are plenty of these tips floating around the web; but since we’re feeling generous and all, we’ve gathered the best out there–particularly the ones that will help you save money or preserve the life of your gadgets longer.

#1 Turn an old sock into a cheap iPhone/iPod armband case.

If you’re like us and you don’t have a lot of cash lying around, you would probably think of an armband case as just an unnecessary expense. But what do you do if you like using your iPhone, for example, as an MP3 player during workouts or when you just can’t go running without your precious iPod? Well, it’s a good thing you’re not the first person to have this problem. And wouldn’t you know it? All you need are an old tube sock and some scissors, and you’re good to go. It’s up to you if you want to prettify your makeshift armband case; but for the basic instructions, you just need to cut the sock, approximately two lengths from the top, cut once, turn the sock inside out, slip it over your arm and insert your device. Voila, you now have a nifty armband and about $30, which you saved from not giving in to the urge of buying a brand new one. Now if someone can give us an easy hack for our current VoIP PBX then we’d be all set. Our boss seems happy with the basic stuff: conference calls, transfer and dial…but we know there are a host of other features that we should be getting. Oh well! Let us know if you have recommendations. J

#2 Make your own cell phone holder from an old lotion bottle.

There’s something weird about shelling out some sweet, sweet coin for an awesome phone and then just leaving it on the floor when it needs to be juiced up. If you hate seeing tangled wires or don’t want your iPhone or Android touching the floor, then you can make your own cell phone holder. All you need is an empty baby lotion bottle, a pen, kitchen scissors (a box cutter or an exacto knife would also work), sand paper, a fabric (or spray paint) with your favorite color, and some Mod Podge. Wash and air dry the bottle to make sure there’s no lotion residue left. Hold your phone up to the bottle to measure how high you want the front of the holder to be. Trace a line with a pen across the front at that point. Cut the bottle using the scissors or box cutter/exacto knife. Smooth out the edges with sand paper. Draw and cut a curved box shape on the upper back of the bottle – this is where your charger goes in and how your holder will hang from the grounded part of the power outlet. You can view the detailed instructions and finished project here.

#3 Transform a composition notebook into an iPad cover.

There are many different types of iPad cases out there, but they have one thing in common: regular use will eventually wear them out, some faster than others. If you already had a couple of cheap iPad covers give out on you or if you’re still saving for an expensive case, why not make your own inexpensive iPad cover? All it takes is an old composition notebook, an iPad box, a razor blade, a pen, scissors, some hair elastics, a needle and some thread. Cut out the remaining pages of the notebook with the blade. Remove the plastic insert from the iPad box and mark the height of the notebook and all the away around the insert with a pen. Cut out the top of the plastic insert, one side of the remaining plastic, and two corners on the plastic using a razor. Score and turn the outside of the three edges and trim the pieces. Since the plastic is the exact size of the iPad, you have to make the curve a little bigger to make your tablet fit perfectly. Sew through an elastic band onto one corner at two points. Cut the excess elastic after attaching it securely. Sew one end near the inside of the notebook’s spine and the other end opposite it.  Cut off the excess elastic band. Voila, you have an iPad cover that costs less than $3.

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