How do free conference calls work and what are the benefits?

64An economical way to meet people over the campus and off it is held open with conference calls. Expenses involved in making travels for conference or the time involved in making the travel is completely cut off through conference call services. They open the frontiers of conveniently working from home.

Sorting out conferencing with web

Another means of making a conference is through web conferencing where a web browser is made to work. The web browser opens up the documents and the presentations, while the participants can hear the presenter on phone. This helps all the participants at the conference view same thing at same time; they as well facilitate discussion, explanations after presentation. The Q&A that follows makes the flow easier and simpler.

Conferencing with phone without service provider

Analog telephones make making conference calls easier. There will be your phone line and the other participants phone line involved also. Suppose you are ona call than you wish to make a third party call and bring him to the conference, simply press the Flash button or switch hook if it is provided in your dialler. Wait till you get a dial tone and then dial the third party’s number. Once the third party answers your call, tap the same flash or switch button again to help the other person listen to the third party as well. In case the third party is not responding to the call and your words have reached the voicemail, press the flash button again twice and release the third party call from the conference.

VoIP telephones or Voice over IP telephones are the digital devices. They can put in five other people over conference. These telephones have a built in caller id display and multiple call options. Here to get engaged in a conference call, the person need to press conference and simply dial the number. Once the person attends the call in similar manner other people can also be put into conference. However the digital tech telephones can only allow six people including the initiator to engage in the conference call.

Highlights of what free conferencing service can provide

With conference call services one can make free, reservation less conference calling. Using this service is no hard task. The person can start doing so with an instant account facilitated by an email address. There will be a free dial in number and an access code. That can be used at any time. The teleconferencing line is available to the account holder 24/7. Here one can accommodate over 100 callers and can have 6 hours of uninterrupted conference calls. The call can be recorded for free. The service can be downloaded accessed for free from both telephone and computer.

Teleconferencing helps in

  • National or regional sales meeting
  • Team meetings for project management
  • Conferences with multi-vendor
  • Meetings done to response at crisis situation
  • Religious seminars
  • Family reunion

This kinds of teleconferencing service provides immediate access, provides with a dedicated phone number, call report through email. It is a highly reliable and quality service providing software.

Budget iPhone –Comparison with iPhone 5

The word budget is going toe to toe with the word iPhone as the combination of both these words gives an upcoming Apple Low cost “Budget iPhone”. The interest of iPhone lovers, if not more than definitely not less, lies with this upcoming, expected to be Wallet friendly gadget. The reason that Budget iPhone is getting a tremendous attention is the Premium Price which comes with standard iPhone, therefore making it unaffordable to many Apple Lovers who wants to be in possession of one.

After seeing a bunch of leaked pictures of this Budget iPhone, it can be said that those gadget lovers who can not buy iPhone due to its high prices, can now buy this Budget iPhone to be associated with the Smartphone giant. But how will this budget iPhone look in comparison to current iPhone 5?? The latest Pictures leaked on internet gives quite a few ideas.

As seen in pictures, Budget iPhone is expected to of same height of iPhone 5. So it is being said that it will also have same screen size of 4.0 inches but the catch here is that we have not been able to see the screen side of this Budget iPhone in supposedly leaked pictures. So, the screen size of Budget iPhone can not be said surely to be same of iPhone 5.

Other noticeable changes are in the volume buttons which are longer & slimmer in Budget iPhone as opposed to iPhone 5?s round ones. The speaker grill is also said to be differently located in budget iPhone. It is not much far when we get to know the complete specifications of budget iPhone to know up-to what extent Apple will be able to capture growing smartphone markets.

For more information about iPhone 6 please click here

Choosing an External Blu-ray Players vs. a Blu-ray Software Player

When it comes to choosing an external blu-ray player or a blu ray player software to enjoy the latest movies, a lot depends upon your budget, and personal preferences.

If you want to enjoy a home-theater experience, you’ll certainly have to invest heavily on a good external Blu-ray player and other hardware to set-up your personal home theater. On the other hand, if you’ve a cool laptop with larger screen, and blu-ray drive (even if you don’t have one, purchasing it won’t be as costly as buying an external blu-ray player and setting up a personal home theater for sure); you can just get a professional blu ray player for Windows.

So, here are some cool recommendations in both the cases. First, we’ll start off with the choice of an external player.


Try the DMP-BDT 220 by Panasonic

DMP-BDT 220 is a nice Blu-ray player from Panasonic that can be bought for less than $100. It not only offers top class 1080p HD output but is also capable of playing 3D Blu-Ray discs that can be viewed with 3D glasses.

To top it all, it features Wi-Fi, which helps the users in playing videos from YouTube and Netflix. Though it comes standard with its remote but any smartphone can also be used for controlling the media player.

It is offered with optical audio, RCA connection, composite video, LAN connection and HDMI port. And, with all of that it certainly makes a fantastic choice for movie buffs, and video freaks who love to chill out at home, and enjoy the latest movies on their home theater with friends and family.

blu ray player for Windows

4 Professional Blu-ray Software Players

If you’re not ready to spend big on an external player, you can consider the following Blu-ray software players.

Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater

This fantastic player offers cinema-like experience and certainly lives up to your expectations. This is an all-in-one media player, which even supports the latest Windows 8 OS, and even 3D content.

So, you can essentially enjoy not just Blu-ray, but even AVCHD, DVD, and 3D movies using the Total Media Theater on your Windows PC.

Acrsoft Software Player

DVD Fab Media Player

It is a Windows-based application, which can’t only play DVD discs and Blu-ray discs with BR navigation menu, but also ISO image files, DVD folders, and other media formats. This media player software costs about $50, but it doesn’t offer 3D support and has no capability to upscale standard definition video to fit a HD display. However, it’s certainly one of the cheapest options in the market for someone looking for a Blu-ray media player.

Corel Win DVD Pro

It is yet another great application that comes with systems having BDs pre-installed. It comes with 3D glasses in the box, 3D video support, and upgrading 2D to 3D videos. If you happen to be a 3D enthusiast, it is a great choice, as it allows you to enjoy movie with even those flaccid 3D glasses on!

Pot Player

This tool supports Blu-ray and other high definition videos, ripped video, discs, and other files embedded in RAR and ZIP archives. It is available in either 32 or 64-bit version and you can also customize its user interface too.

Author Bio – John McKenzie is a movie buff who frequently upgrades his system with latest video graphic cards, and hardware to enjoy high quality games, and videos. He’s hooked on to his PC and Internet round-the-clock.

The Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Apple iMac

As millions of satisfied fans, and more often than not, lifelong converts have discovered, Apple produces some of the best, most functional and sleekly designed computers, laptops and other technology in the world. However, whilst the quality of a brand new piece of Apple goodness, such as the iMac might be high there is a price tag to match.

With new iMac’s setting customers back for up to £1500, it’s little wonder that many prospective owners are exploring other options to get hold of an iMac. One such option is the opportunity of owning a refurbished iMac from Portable Universe. A refurbished computer is one which may have either been pre-owned or failed to pass factory standards and has been restored to the highest possible standards.

There are many benefits to opting for a refurbished iMac over a brand new option:


Of course, the largest factor which keeps customers choosing Portable Universe refurbished iMacs over brand new options is the cost factor. Even if the computer in question is seen as a work investment and will therefore earn back any money which is spent on it, there is little doubting the fact that £1500 (or thereabouts) is a hefty price for a piece of technology and few of us are in the fortunate position that we can simply find that kind of money.

However, what many customers have found is that by choosing a refurbished iMac, they could save as much as two-thirds on that cost – for a product with exactly the same specifications and capabilities.

Quality and Reliability

For many people, the idea of owning a computer which has a previous owner provides them with a problem. As much as they like the idea of a more economical choice, the prospect of a second hand machine and any related lack of quality and reliability is enough to put them off. what they fail to realise though is that the high quality standards demanded by Apple to anyone who refurbishes and resells their products is enough to ensure that the quality and reliability of the iMac or any other item of technology is as high, if not higher, than a brand new, factory certified product.

Statistics released by Apple show that the majority of Macs which have failed and needed either work or replacement by the company have done so in the first year of ownership. The benefit then to a customer choosing a refurbished product from Portable Universe is that the ticking one year clock no longer exists – giving the customer the benefit of knowing that their product will last and function as they wish it to.


Available with a one year warranty, together with the benefit of knowing that all modifications have been carried out to the highest possible standards, the list of specifications which are available with refurbished iMac’s together with the low price, ensure that a refurbished iMac is the best possible option for the savvy customer who knows what they want from a PC.

Tips To Select A Reliable Service Centre To Get Your Iphone Repaired

With the increasing popularity of the iPhone, a Smartphone from Apple, the variety of users is also increasing day by day. There are some users who take a delicate care of their gadgets, while there are some who care less for their devices and get them damaged. Apart from the usage point of view, there can be some technical reason also, for the damage of the iPhone. Therefore, the availability of a repair centre or a service centre near the area, which the user resides in, is necessary. In case, there is no authorised centre for iPhone 4 repair, you need to get to a professional mobile repair centre or shop to get your handset repaired. For getting your damaged iPhone repaired, you have another choice of Do it yourself kit, which is available in the market, but this method is not advised as it may further damage your phone.

Selecting A Reliable Centre

There are many service centres or repair centres, which offer you with the repair services for your iPhone, but choosing a reliable one is a difficult task. There are various points, which can be referred to before making a choice of the repair centre for your iPhone. The points to choose a reliable centre are given below.

  • Before going out to search for a reliable centre, you can begin the search process at home on the web. You can search for iPhone repair centres around your area and check for the online presence of repair centres near your home.

  • Look for a website of the repair centres in your locality, since, every reliable business nowadays has an online presence. Locating a website will help you go through various reviews related to the repair/service centre. Customer testimonials will help you in deciding the service parameters of the centre and you might also get a link to another, yet better, service centre.

  • The process of the iPhone 4 repair isn’t much time consuming, since, there are many inexperienced repairers present in the market, who take a lot of time. These unqualified repairers may further damage your iPhone, while, some errors need time to be repaired.

  • A genuine repairer will assure you of the safety of the data on your iPhone. They create a backup of the data that is contained in your phone and then repair your phone, thus you don’t need to worry about the data in your phone.

  • The cost of repair of a phone is always less than the price of the phone, sometimes it’s only a part of the original price of the device. If a repairer asks you for a higher cost of repair, then confirm the charges before handing over your phone to the repairer.

Thus, to get your handset repaired by a genuine repair centre, you need to do some homework before giving away your phone at the nearest repair centre that you find. You are advised to visit an authorised centre for a genuine repair of your phone and get a benefit of original spare parts for your device.

What Are The Best Uses of an iPad?

imagesIf you’re in the market for a tablet you would be wise to spend some time researching some of the most popular ones on the market right now. Apple’s iPad remains on top when it comes to tablets but is the right one for you? Here are the best uses for the iPad so you can see if it will suit your needs and those of your family or of your business. Have a read through before you make your choice.

Casual Internet Surfing

If you find yourself frequently looking online while watching television you could certainly benefit from the iPad. It is much easier to pull out and turn on than a laptop and it produces a lot less heat which is better for your own comfort while relaxing at home. It’s lightweight and can be easily passed from one person to the other. You can use it to get online using your favourite browser or make use of the many apps such as IMDB – perfect for checking the cast list of the film you are watching.

Gaming on the Go

With gyroscope and the accelerometer gaming on this tablet is top notch. It gives you a whole new way of getting your game on. If you have the iPad 2 you can play augmented reality games and the retina display on the iPad 3 will blow your socks off when it comes to the graphics it’s able to achieve. There are loads of different games to download with titles for all ages and levels. If you have the Wi-Fi only version you can either use your home router or look for locations with free to use hot spots.

A New Way to Cook

There are thousands of incredible recipe books and apps found on the Apple App Store. You can find them from the celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver or from lesser known cooks and chefs that are just as talented. If you buy a stand for your tablet you can then use it to help you follow the recipes or videos in the kitchen without taking up hardly any space. The portability of the tablet makes it so easy to move from room to room without having to worry about wires and finding spare plug sockets.

Media Player in Each Room

If you often find you are fighting over who is in control of the television you will love the ability to stream television on your new gadget. You can use apps that will allow live streaming legally or give you the option to catch up on missed shows. There is loads of leading television apps to choose from. You can now even watch feature films directly on your gadget so you never have to sit watching the boring football match or soap opera ever again if you don’t want to. It also acts as a stereo as you can play your tunes on iTunes or download the digital radio apps giving you plenty of choice.

You can find affordable iPad Repairs UK making it easier and quicker to fix problems should accidents happen.

The author is a full time copywriter. He writes articles and features on many topics but some of his favourite jobs involve writing about gadgets and technology. His work has been published on hundreds of websites, blogs and in magazines all over the world. The author aims to help readers make informed decisions when investing in tech.

Great Phones for Business Use 2013

iphone 5

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to finding a Smartphone for business use. With so many different operating systems and manufacturers it can be hard to know which one is really the best for you. There are many similarities to be found too, making the decision all that harder. To try and help you make the smart purchase here are a list of the top phones to consider right now.

Samsung Galaxy S3

While the S4 is a great phone you may as well pay attention to the S3 as it is cheaper yet still an excellent phone for business. It has a great design and it is really well built so you won’t have to worry about annoying issues stopping you from getting the most out of your handset. There are loads of software features and the hardware gives you a solid performance meaning lag won’t be an issue.

HTC One X+

This is a handset that has a reasonable price tag attached to it and is widely considered to be one of the best Android phones out there on the market. If you don’t like Apple or Samsung then this should be your next choice. It has a great design and a generous sized HD screen measuring 4.7 inches. The screen is perfect if you plan on using your Smartphone for managing your social media accounts and reading documents and files.

Google Nexus 4

Google decided to commission LG to produce its latest flagship phone, Google Nexus 4. If you only care about having an Android phone without anything else getting in the way such as fancy modifications then this is a great option for you. It is worth remembering that this handset doesn’t make use of 4G LTE and only has 3G so you may not have the speed that you can find in other smartphones.

Apple iPhone 5

With Apple you get a lot of power for your money. The design is fantastic and you will find the best apps, many that will benefit you in different areas of your business. This is a phone that will be regularly updated and has new features added to heighten the user experience. While many people choose the iPhone 5 for personal use it is really in its prime when used for business.

Protecting Your Investment

As a business you need to ensure that you look after your Smartphones. Check to see that the device is covered on your current business insurance policy and buy a dedicated policy if it isn’t. These phones can experience a lot of wear and tear as you use it and there is always the risk of having them stolen or losing them as you make your way across the city. It’s also a good idea to consider the costs of just in case the screen is damaged. It can be very affordable and completed quickly so find a good company to use should the worst happen.

The author is a full time copywriter. He has a special interest in producing articles for small to medium sized businesses. Throughout his writing career he has written thousands of useful, entertaining and informative pieces including articles, features, guest blog posts and press releases. His work can be found on hundreds of websites.

Cool Accessories for Your Laptop

With so many feature-packed laptops currently on the market and selling like hotcakes, technology enthusiasts can be forgiven for thinking that laptop accessories have become somewhat superfluous. There are however, some excellent accessories available these days and no, they’re not just advanced webcams or peripheral devices along those lines, but really cool accessories that even the most skeptical technophiles can’t get enough of – here are four of the best.

Back it up – Home,office or on the road

Ok, so backup devices are hardly exciting for most computer users, unless you’ve experienced problems in the past and have long been looking for the answer to your backup dreams, but they are however, essential items that could save you a lot of time, effort, and if you use your laptop for work – money too.

There’s some excellent backup devices on the market at the moment, among them a wide range of external, lightweight, portable hard drives like CMS Products’ ABSplus drives that weigh a barely noticeable 7 ounces – and they’re fully bootable too.

These are currently available in 20GB through to 80GB models.


Pitches that impress – Wireless presentation controller

We’ve seen many people using tablets for presentations and product pitches with great success, but what if you’re attached to your laptop and have little desire to invest in a tablet as well?

The Logitech Cube could very well be the accessory that you’ve long been yearning for, because this tiny rectangular mouse doubles as a wireless presentation controller that’s perfect for pitches, presentations and many other applications – but that’s far from all that it has going for it. Its surface is also a touch-sensitive scroll pad and this conveniently sized mouse switches automatically from mouse mode to presentation mode when it’s lifted – now how’s that for impressive?

Although yet to hit the market, Logitech is currently taking pre-orders.

Logitech Cube

The ultimate docking experience – Enjoy clutter free work environment

Toshiba’s updated dynadock U3.0 is the perfect dock for those tired of cluttered desks and workstations. This revolutionary docking system eradicates desktop clutter, plus it also eliminates the inconvenience that comes with plugging and re-plugging cables and wires to hook up peripheral devices.

You can connect two external HD displays via DVI/VGA and HDMI ports, plus with two USB 2.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports, you can also charge your smartphone when your computer isn’t on – or even connected.

This is the perfect docking system for everyone with a laptop – not only fans of the Toshiba Satellite and Toshiba’s excellent range of laptops, but every laptop owner who’d love to rid their workstation of clutter.

Next generation mouse – The ergonomic pencil mouse

This revolutionary mouse looks and feels like a pen and it’s much easier, not to mention much more accurate and responsive, to use than a traditional mouse. Like many peripheral devices of this nature, the Penclic Mouse isn’t designed specifically for laptops, but if you’re tired of your laptop mouse pad as many are, then this just might be the mouse for you.

Next generation mouse

As many computer users have found – especially those who use a computer for work – it’s not only frustrating using a mouse that isn’t as responsive as you’d like, but all that incessant clicking and those unnecessary cursor movements are also responsible for Repetitive Strain Injuries.

That’ll be a thing of the past with this ground-breaking mouse however, since it helps to create a natural, relaxed working position by allowing your forearm to rest on the desk or work surface. This, and the comfortable pen grip, effectively contribute to reduce pain and therefore the risk of RSI occurring.

Author Bio:

Madison Hytten is a writer for Save On Laptops, a UK-based company that is passionate in providing great deals from laptop and tablet manufacturers. To know how you can get a Toshiba Satellite or other device at a discount, check out

Printing Anytime And Anywhere You Need It

Sometimes a person has something important that they need to print, but whatever they need to print is back at home on their personal computer. Instead of having to go home, a person can save a lot of time and gas if they were able to access the same files on their home computer from anywhere else. There is something called Cloud printing services, and with it a person can print whatever they need from wherever they are.

Cloud Printing Service Providers Are Growing

There are more and more places that are offering internet service. Many major businesses are starting to see that offering certain internet services is going to bring customers right to them. However, Cloud printing services does not only benefit customers, but it can also be a benefit to businesses as well.

Here is more information about the advantages of the ability to print from any location that offers it:

•    Printing that is instantly accessible: Some businesses have employees that work from home or work from locations that are scattered all over the country. Instead of these employees having to worry about getting home to print something, they can just use their mobile devices, access the Cloud printing services, and they can have anything they need to be printed no matter where they are.

•    The ability to print safely: If a person is using a printer in a public location, there is always the concern about security. Some people deal with a lot of confidential stuff like people’s vital information, and no one wants to have to worry about that delicate information falling into the wrong hands. Cloud printing services can give use employee authentication to ensure that no one is getting information they are not supposed to.Security is highly important, and the higher up managers can ensure that the right people have printing access and quickly act if someone tries who does not have permission or the right security clearance.

•    Being able to monitor what is being printed: If a company manager or a person of high power wants to make sure that the right things are being printed, or wants to make sure that paper is not being wasted, then Cloud printing services can help with that. With the Cloud access, anyone can simply log into a console, and see exactly who has been printing, what is being printed, and the amount of items that are being printed.

The days of having to wait until someone gets home to print something are over now thanks to Cloud printing services. With the ability to print from the Cloud, people can now print from places they never thought they could. Also with the ability to print from the Cloud, a business can really be made better because employees can print from anywhere using a mobile device, the printing can be made secure by adding some form of employee authentication, and the upper management of the business can log into a console and check to see who is printing, and what is being printed.

3 Easy Hacks for Your Pricey Gadgets

We love “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas, especially on days when we can’t seem to make anything, even a stupid remote control, work. There’s just something to be said for people who, instead of complaining about their first world problems, actually take the time to devise simple hacks that make things easier for almost everyone.  You know, like putting a small amount of water in a glass when you microwave pizza to keep the crust from getting chewy or using basic power plugs when your flathead screwdriver suddenly pulls a ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ trick on you. There are plenty of these tips floating around the web; but since we’re feeling generous and all, we’ve gathered the best out there–particularly the ones that will help you save money or preserve the life of your gadgets longer.

#1 Turn an old sock into a cheap iPhone/iPod armband case.

If you’re like us and you don’t have a lot of cash lying around, you would probably think of an armband case as just an unnecessary expense. But what do you do if you like using your iPhone, for example, as an MP3 player during workouts or when you just can’t go running without your precious iPod? Well, it’s a good thing you’re not the first person to have this problem. And wouldn’t you know it? All you need are an old tube sock and some scissors, and you’re good to go. It’s up to you if you want to prettify your makeshift armband case; but for the basic instructions, you just need to cut the sock, approximately two lengths from the top, cut once, turn the sock inside out, slip it over your arm and insert your device. Voila, you now have a nifty armband and about $30, which you saved from not giving in to the urge of buying a brand new one. Now if someone can give us an easy hack for our current VoIP PBX then we’d be all set. Our boss seems happy with the basic stuff: conference calls, transfer and dial…but we know there are a host of other features that we should be getting. Oh well! Let us know if you have recommendations. J

#2 Make your own cell phone holder from an old lotion bottle.

There’s something weird about shelling out some sweet, sweet coin for an awesome phone and then just leaving it on the floor when it needs to be juiced up. If you hate seeing tangled wires or don’t want your iPhone or Android touching the floor, then you can make your own cell phone holder. All you need is an empty baby lotion bottle, a pen, kitchen scissors (a box cutter or an exacto knife would also work), sand paper, a fabric (or spray paint) with your favorite color, and some Mod Podge. Wash and air dry the bottle to make sure there’s no lotion residue left. Hold your phone up to the bottle to measure how high you want the front of the holder to be. Trace a line with a pen across the front at that point. Cut the bottle using the scissors or box cutter/exacto knife. Smooth out the edges with sand paper. Draw and cut a curved box shape on the upper back of the bottle – this is where your charger goes in and how your holder will hang from the grounded part of the power outlet. You can view the detailed instructions and finished project here.

#3 Transform a composition notebook into an iPad cover.

There are many different types of iPad cases out there, but they have one thing in common: regular use will eventually wear them out, some faster than others. If you already had a couple of cheap iPad covers give out on you or if you’re still saving for an expensive case, why not make your own inexpensive iPad cover? All it takes is an old composition notebook, an iPad box, a razor blade, a pen, scissors, some hair elastics, a needle and some thread. Cut out the remaining pages of the notebook with the blade. Remove the plastic insert from the iPad box and mark the height of the notebook and all the away around the insert with a pen. Cut out the top of the plastic insert, one side of the remaining plastic, and two corners on the plastic using a razor. Score and turn the outside of the three edges and trim the pieces. Since the plastic is the exact size of the iPad, you have to make the curve a little bigger to make your tablet fit perfectly. Sew through an elastic band onto one corner at two points. Cut the excess elastic after attaching it securely. Sew one end near the inside of the notebook’s spine and the other end opposite it.  Cut off the excess elastic band. Voila, you have an iPad cover that costs less than $3.

Edward is an article writer that talks about business and technology. He contributed different business and technology related articles like gadgets review, latest tech news, small business phone guides and VoIP service reviews in different websites. Aside from writing, he also loves to read books, to travel and do skydiving during his free time.