6 Best Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

Have you been reading up information from a tech news site lately? If not, then do not worry as I will be talking about the latest technology trends that will likely dominate in 2020.   Better Machine Learning Machine learning is just a small subset of artificial intelligence. You might not know that it exists, but if you have been surfing the internet for quite some time now, it has actually taken effect a long time ago. For example, have you ever stopped to wonder when you go to Read more [...]

How To Avoid Common Problems With USB-C

At this point, it’s been well established that USB type-c is truly the wave of the future. However, making the transfer to a new industry standard won’t always be smooth sailing. As a result, it’s important that industry professionals and general consumers alike know some of the potential problems that can occur to keep their devices safe during the growing pains of the product. For example, you can see USB-C as the standard on many new PC and Android phones. In addition, if you’re an Apple Read more [...]

Modern Smartphone Apps To Help You Monitor Your Health

Technology-enthusiasts are always making considerable strides to redefine our perception of ‘modernization’ every passing minute, day, and year. It wasn’t that long ago when the entry of iPhones made Android devices seem inadequate, and it doesn’t stop there. Communication and interaction aren’t the only features we can access in our phones anymore. You can learn about global events at the touch and scroll of a small screen, make travel plans at the comfort of your home, search for the Read more [...]

Protecting your site from cybercrime

Is your website safe? What steps have you taken to protect it from cybercrime and how would your business cope if you were attacked? Yes, there are 101 things to worry about when you’re running a business, from growing your customer base to making sure you put your contractors under contract. Unfortunately, the risk of cybercrime is one of those aspects of modern business that you can’t afford to ignore. To help you to protect yourself, here are four handy tips to keep your website safe Stay Read more [...]

7 Dropshipping Tasks You Must Automate

If you already have an online retailer store with the dropshipping business model, congratulations. You're already one step ahead of the e-commerce game, as this business model is designed to maximize sales while minimizing overhead costs. Dropshipping business is designed to give the business owner the convenience of not having to deal with stocking inventory, fulfillment, and shipment, as those tasks are performed by the suppliers. However, marketing and overseeing the whole business are the Read more [...]
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5 Effective Business Automation Tips from WorkFusion

Running a business is definitely not an easy task. You and your entire workforce have plenty of tasks to perform on a daily basis and make sure that all your business operations run smoothly, so that you can effectively achieve your goals and turn your organization into a successful and profitable one. On top of that, you have to find a way to do things differently than the others in your niche and stand out from the competition. All of that can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Read more [...]

How Do People Use Smartphones Nowadays?

The number of smartphone users keeps increasing every day since the past few years, and it won’t stop! Given that mobile phones are now more affordable and come with hundreds of applications, they have become an important aspect of people’s daily lives. As per studies, out of 10 people, at least 7 of them own a mobile phone… and they use it all the time! But how are they using their smartphones? As per comScore’s 2017 report, the average adult spends over 3 hours on their phone every day, Read more [...]

How to Track your iPhone if Stolen?

Losing a highly expensive and much loved device such as an iPhone through theft can indeed be a shocking and very upsetting incident. This is why advanced tracking software exists to help you pinpoint where your device is, so that you and the police can recover it easily. The question is, how to track an iphone? This can be easily achieved by installing the leading relevant applications such as mSpy, which not only allows you to monitor other devices, but ensure that they never go missing for too Read more [...]

A Helpful Guide in Optimising Your Website for Mobile

According to a study made by Smart Insights, people in the United States spend 39 hours a month browsing on mobile. Additionally, they have also compared the increase in conversions on mobile devices in the last quarter of 2015 versus the whole year of 2016 and saw that smartphone conversion is increasing. Even if we consider that the statistics put forward by Smart Insights are from users in the US and the UK, there is no doubt that mobile is revolutionising the way people use the Internet. As Read more [...]

How a Website Design and SEO Company Can Revive Your Business

Whatever the size of your business in St Louis, it is now possible to compete at the same level with your more established competition. The internet marketplace now offers a level playing ground where you can boost your sales through innovative marketing strategies. However, it takes more than a fantastic looking website for you to leverage the growing numbers of internet users today. To succeed in this viciously competitive marketplace, you have to increase your business’ visibility on search. Read more [...]